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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

SEMA Report 2011 - DIESEL Motorsports!

It is always a good time to go to SEMA, who would not want to go to Las Vegas?

The best part is seeing friends and associates in the industry all in one place and getting them together with other diesel industry leaders.

The whole Vegas thing is missed completely for the most part, we went out to a casino one night. It's all about talking about the industry in a casual atmosphere with people from all parts of the country. What can be done where and how can we help each other!

The whole EPA thing was overblown since they didn't even show up, most likely knowing the people they were hunting was not going to show. The show's trucks were very mild, mostly new stock trucks with loud wraps and accessories, a couple of older performance diesel trucks, but nothing like in the past. Everyone was not chancing the encounter with the EPA. A couple of highlights for new trucks are below . . .

Some of our favorite sponsors had great displays of diesel products including Mahle, Carrillo, ARP, Champion Oil, K&N, Flo-Pro Exhaust, Fluidampr, PPE, Mickey Thompson, SSBC, Premier Performance, Victor Reinz, Bully Dog, Keystone Automotive, and Covercraft.

A few newer parts were of interest including the DeskDAQ from Drew Technologies as an electronic dashboard with built-in data logger for a low cost. A new lift pump/fuel system from Fuelab called Velocity 100/200 that is a brushless fuel pump that pumps through the unit for cooling the motor for high efficiency GPH flows.

Some cool suspension reinforcements for older Dodges from DT Pro Fab was found on the last day. A Jeep diesel conversion kit from Diesel Bruiser which puts a 4BT drivetrain in your older jeep with performance upgrades, we might have these on display at our Orlando/PRI Drag Race.

SSBC displayed their new caliper brake system for larger 20" wheels which was quite impressive and Weld Wheels displayed their new 8 lug truck wheels with matching trailer wheels.

A couple of companies who have been around a while but now recognize the diesel markets is Hushmat, a sound barrier pad for those wanting a quiet ride inside and Gear vendors, under overdrive that many of you are already using.

As you can see from the list above this trip is well worth making and seeing who has what new items for the year and to discuss the industry within the country.

Would I have liked to see more performance diesel trucks on display, you bet, but it is expensive to get here to display and there is the EPA thing hanging over the diesel crowd!

Yes I will be back to posting frequently, SEMA show kept me going daily last week, so now back to normal.

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