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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Now is the time to restock . . . DIESEL Motorsports!

Hope every one had a great Thanksgiving Holiday!

Laying off of the cheap imitation parts for a couple of days only to remind diesel shop owners now is the time to re-stock for upcoming 2012 season. DIESEL Motorsports spends this time to restock our inventory of sponsors and revitalize our direction, plus plan new programs for DIESEL Motosports and marketing for our sport.

You can do the same because during the winter months the manufacturers are looking at some pretty tough winter months which means special deals and savings for you when purchasing inventory. 

Ask for 2011 inventory at a discount, and payments into 2012 1st quarter or second, many of the WDs will work with you this time of the year. Look for new 2012 products as introductory pricing for new product lines, manufacturers are anxious to start moving new stock and this is a good way to do it by discounting stock plus taking payments in the 1st quarter which is usually short of goals.

Plus many truck owners are looking to rebuild this time of the year and have already started to tear down their trucks.

DIESEL Motorsports has some new programs planned for the 2012 year. We'll be announcing the NEW programs during the first week along with 2012 sponsors. We always wait till after the first of the year to announce sponsors so we fully honor and fulfill the 2011 agreements ending December 31st!

Now is also the time to look for bargains on new trucks along with used trucks, dealers who want less inventory during the winter months will deal on those trucks. Add some upgrades and additions to those trucks, sell and make a little profit. People are always looking for good quality used trucks!

There are many different ways you can restock for the season . . . equipment, inventory, direction, personnel and of course, yourself!

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