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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What about a DIESEL Motorsports trade show???

After attending SEMA I have a dream of a DIESEL Motorsports trade show where all of the diesel industry leaders, manufacturers, truck owners and enthusiasts could come together to talk, discuss, view products and services surrounding our sport.

A place where all of the hottest, coolest diesel trucks could display what they are all proud of with their trucks. In our travels I have seen a lot of really cool trucks in performance, show and utility, that it is a shame other than our shows, where can they display their vehicles?

I have yet to find a trade show that focuses on diesel? Is there a reason (s)?

I suppose, not big enough yet, too divided, too spread out, not enough money, too disorganized, too a small of niche and would people attend to pay for it?

I know about 5 years ago a trade magazine tried a diesel tradeshow and it was poorly attended but DIESEL Motorsports has come a long way in five years.

Would the diesel shops and organizations quit fighting enough to come together for a show and compete in a business like manner? Don't know but one could wish.

This is still a young motorsport compared to some longstanding groups like Good Guys, SEMA, PRI, NHRA among others, so we have a lot of work in front of us. I know the amount of funds it has taken for the IMMS show in Indy which is fairly new for trade shows and it is mind boggling the amount of funding they have spent to make the show operate.

Can DIESEL Motorsports do a show for our sport without being restricted to what we can display and talk about?

The perfect show would be where manufacturers and shops could display and freely talk about their performance parts and services for diesel trucks, every make and model of diesel truck could display for people to view, seminars held on the newest trends for diesel sled pulling and drag racing, and a place where a local shop could reasonably display to promote their business in the diesel community.

Well at least we have many goals to shoot for in the near future!

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