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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

DIESEL Motorsport Advisory Board meeting at SEMA . . .

Every year Diesel Motorsports holds a Advisory Board Meeting at SEMA where leaders in the industry and sponsors can add input to our yearly program. There are a lot of smart people in this business and those who want to build Diesel Motorsports.

It's refreshing to see how our business has progressed over four years and having a direction and a plan for the future. Many different items were discussed including the schedule, the events, and the marketplace for diesel.

Many great suggestions were made by the board including promoting each other (sponsors) for each other, better use of the newer social media tools, promoting Diesel Motorsports and advertising to a wider crowd for the events.

It was decided to put more into the established events such as larger purses, wider advertising, bigger shows and equipment. Those shows discussed will be in Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, SLC/UT, Dallas/TX, and Florida.

More affiliate events will be planned along with establishing new diesel groups in some new areas. Always expanding the market for our sport and sponsors!

I will report new items as they Become available this week!

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