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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fake Dampers for diesels . . . in DIESEL Motorsports!

How to spot a real Fluidampr, one that is SFI approved, one using the real logos, names, etc . . .

For those who want to install a Fluidampr, make sure it is their product! There is a lot of Chinese imports that are copying their logo, box, product and even fake SFI stickers.

They are calling them "Fluid Dampers" on ebay so they won't get into trouble with the ebay police then quickly identifying them as Fluidampr's product in the copy.

They are fake and can cause extreme damage to your engine if you use them and they come apart during operation.

Real Fluidampr with proper box logos and registered trademark, look for proper identification!

Fake "Fluid Damper" , look for imitation logos, box design and fake SFI decal.

Solution: buy from a reputable dealer or go to your local diesel shop/dealer for proper product and installation.

This unit goes on the front of your engine and attaches to your crank, imagine what damage that can cause when the fake starts to disintegrate and falls apart while your engine is running. The original Fluidampr has been in business for over 20 years making an American quality product, don't be fooled by cheap prices and a cheap product!

You always get what you pay for . . .

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