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Friday, November 11, 2011

Remember where DIESEL Motorsport's trucks came from and where are they used . . .

At every show like SEMA I get asked why diesel trucks? Why not gas trucks?

It's an easy answer for us diesel enthusiasts but many who know nothing about trucks cannot understand. When I answer they have new respect for what a diesel engine is designed to be used in the workplace or recreation.

When I answer with a diesel engine can out pull a gas engine plus get double the fuel mileage the surprise look on their face is telling. I then hit them with the diesel engine also will out last the gas engine three to one while under full load plus provide a constant power while pulling where gas engines tend to pull down or lose power. They had no idea, to them a truck is a truck!

I then explain that most construction companies, farms, hauling companies use diesel trucks because of the torque they produce and the durability under extreme use. The mileage is always about double over the gas engine while pulling a trailer or RV.

Under pulling or hauling a gas engine might make it to 200,000 miles before major maintenance is needed where a diesel engine can go 300-400,000. Of course any engine will fall to heavy maintenance if they are not serviced correctly during use.

It's like an old diesel enthusiast I know says "diesel trucks are used for pulling because it's what trucks are meant to do!"

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