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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

East Coast Diesel Nationals - Review 2016!

You could have not asked for better weather on top of the mountain at Numidia Dragway on Saturday July 16th. The gates opened at 8am and it was an influx of people all day long to watch diesel pickups compete in drag racing, sled pulling, dyno and show-n-shine. These events are part of the new diesel lifestyle that our fans enjoy within the social media circles.
The trucks lined up early to take passes to test their times down the 1/4 mile track at Numidia dragway. DIESEL Motorsports had three classes running in racing a ET Bracket class, Quick Diesel 12.0 Index class and a heads-up Unlimited Class. Over 80 trucks signed up to race on Saturday which ran until about 4 in the afternoon. 

The sled pulling started around 1:30pm and ran at the same time as the finals in racing right next to each other, so the fans got to watch both from the same seat. This location is the only DIESEL Motorsports can get this done for our fans and competitors.
There was some excitement before the pulling and finals in racing, the crowd got to see two wedding proposals on the starting line of the drag strip. Nick Eklund was called to the line being told his truck had been DQed and needed to be inspected (yes he was in on it)! When I starting to inspect his truck I asked if he had anything to say about this illegal truck? He then proceeded to call Kimi Crawford over and then kneeled down for the proposal!!! 
#2 Proposal Merle Nickel was told to pull up to the line to have his truck photographed as a featured ET truck for the magazines and he had his girlfriend (now fiancee) Christine Kile in the truck! He was about to be yelled at by the track official when I told them to get out of the truck and come forward for the photo. I then announced he was randomly featured as a ET racer and asked what he thought of the experience. Merle then kneeled down and made the proposal!
Mothers Show-N-Shine had 28 entries to compete for cash and prizes, we saw everything from new lifted trucks, rat rods, older rare diesel cars, and a really high-end 1953 chevy 3100 with a converted Duramax took the Best of Show.
Mass Diesel's Dyno competition saw some very high numbers and everyone was wanting the "King of the Mountain Crown" which is awarded every year! Tyler Brancifort took the crown with a high horsepower of 1,593.73 with his 2012 F350 Ford!
The pulling had lots of trucks and tractors pulling until 7pm in the evening. Classes pulling included 2.5, 2.6/3.0, tractors and then Work Stock. Jeremy Urey who took the championship two years ago re-took the title in the 2.6 class pulling over 346 feet.
It was another great year of DIESEL Motorsports at the East Coast Diesel Nationals in Numidia, Pennsylvania. We always enjoy this area of the country where the trucks are powerful and they do take pride in what they are building.

WINNERS ECDN 2016 - Great event, great fans and great competitors!
K&W Drag Racing
Unlimited Heads Up
Driver Name RT ET MPH
Bruce Block 0.163 11.54 101.08
Chris Nolt 0.287 11.496 79.42
Johnny Gilbert 0.129 10.057 157.41
Nicholas Eklund 0.638 10.205 139.16
Quick Diesel 12.0 Index
Driver Name RT D/I ET MPH
Gunnar Heckman 0.046 12 12.228 105.56
Joe Gorby 0.059 12 12.205 109.71
Ryan Westrak 0.547 12 12.808 113.94
ET Bracket Racing
Driver Name RT D/I ET MPH
John Eisel .030 13,47 13.630 98.97
Peter Church .078 15.54 15.515 77.67
Kyle Bartley .185 11.30 11.444 115.88
CRC Sled Pulling
Jeremy Urey 346.74
Joe Slinguff 346.03
Greg Walker 342.14
Joe Hamm 340.13
Jesse Warren 339.57
Travis Pushcar 330.32
Zachary Newton 328.85
Curvin Zimmerman 321.2
Greg Henne 310
Mike Loni 302.54
Derek Bordon 297.97
Brian P 290.78
Tyler Albert 290.2
Eric Preneta 285.16
Justin Gordon 283.65
Kane Kelly 271.18
Nathan Stiller 250.81
Matt Corl 197.7
Steven Wilcox 189.09
Shane Freck 96.45
Michael Garifalo 45.39
2.5 Class
Caleb Herman 356.59
Mike Loni 346.17
Derek Bordon 343.2
Dean Dettlefsen 343.18
James Etgan 343.02
Kyle Myers 331.04
Dan Paulhamer 324.48
Eric Preneta 324.12
Ross Harter 317.55
Bret Moyer 311.28
Brian Crannell 304.75
Devin Peterson 304.24
Mark Bolthouser 303.45
James Mann 302.29
Josh Gardiner 299.63
Mark Fessler 298.44
Benny Stone 295.56
Josh Covert 282.63
Cory Pathymille 270.52
Nathan Stiller 267.16
Jake Nunn 265.23
Nick Filler 230.03
Work Stock
Derek Borden 338.27
Scott Beers 331.82
Tom Hassler 331.08
Brandon Fairchild 330.66
Eric Preneta 317.61
Devin Peterson 311.53
Mark Fessler 306.98
Nathan Muddock 306.66
Matt Thomas 305.61
Todd Young 302.92
Jesse Young 299.81
Mark Balthouser 299.81
Michael B 287.36
Ryan Muth 285.7
Colton Weider 283.97
Michael B 277.64
Sid Huntoon 270.91
Richard Miller 264.9
Ryan Smith 260.54
Kyle Chidester 252.96
Bradley Compton 241.55
Pete Picciarro 221.31
Brock Welliver 206.72
Dean Detlefsen 100.44
Jeremy Randall 67.04
Sam Harris 8.41
Tractors Modified Turbo
Vern Zerby 386.75
Jason Forrester 375.99
Vern Zerby 374.85
Billy Davis 366.69
Vern Zerby 357.29
Marshall Watkinsa 335.15
Rick Hauck 331.33
Jason Mellott 297.43
Scott Kiskadden 4.48
Mothers Show-N-Shine
Best Of Show Jeremy Schultz 1953 Chevy
Best Ford Dylan Tallman 2003 F250
Best Dodge Joseph Gaynor 2013 Dodge 2500
Best Dmax Yvonne Strube 2011 Chevy 3500
Mass Diesel Dyno Winners
Highest Horsepower – King of the Mountain
Tyler Brancifort – 2012 F350 – 1,593.73 HP
Ford – Tyler Brancifort – 2012 F350 – 1,593.73 HP
Dodge – Nick Eklund – 2006 Dodge 2500 – 1368.82 HP
GM/Chevy – Adam Giarth – 2004 GMC 2500 – 1139.66 HP