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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Ozark Diesel Shootout Results 2015 . . .

DIESEL Motorsports is always trying to expand into new markets where there are diesel trucks who want to compete against other trucks. That is why we have expanded into Nebraska earlier this year and now Rogersville Missouri this last Saturday. The Ozark Raceway has held a diesel class every month as a DM series because the local shops have asked them to create a series. DIESEL Motorsports is trying to get them to establish a monthly presence there with trucks.
It was a hot one for sure down near Springfield this last weekend but enthusiasts came out anyway to watch the trucks compete. Next year they are looking to add sled pulling to the facility which would make the events even larger.
DIESEL Motorsports wants to thank all competitors and fans who braved the heat (107º) on Saturday for a fun time in the sun. It was nice to put faces with names and meeting many new diesel enthusiasts with great trucks. The winners are listed below:
Flowmaster Drag Racing!
ET Bracket Class
1st - Eddie Godat - Dial 17.58 - RT .1581 - ET 17.7036
2nd - P Higgins - Dial 15.06 - RT .3520 - ET 15.0029
Quick Diesel 12.0 Index
1st C Rude - Dial 12.0 - RT .1191 - ET 13.9224
2nd J Layden-Dial 12.0 - RT -.0684 - ET 11.7868
Unlimited (heads-up)
1st J Powell - RT .1796 - ET 12.3644 - mph 103
2nd B Grapevine- RT .2497 - ET 14.1454 - mph 65.38
Mothers Show-N-Shine
Best of Show
Dylan Jordan Goacher 2008 Ford F-250
Best Dodge - Travis Lane 2013 RAM 2500
Best Ford - Brian Rea 2004 F350
LTM Performance Dyno
Top HP
Dodge - Travis Chappeleur
Ford - Jeanelle Busch
Dmax - Steve Williams
We want to thank Ozark Raceway, Al and his crew for hosting the event! His starting line crew braved 154º track temperatures for our diesel competitors.

Power on the Mountain! East Coast Diesel Nationals 2015. . .

2015 is the 6th year this event has been held at Numidia Dragway and it gets bigger every year. The Diesel Lifestyle family event brings in all ages to watch diesel truck drag racing, pulling, dyno competition and Show-N-Shine. 

It's the only location where we run sled pulling at the same time drag racing is being held right next to each other, it gives the fans double entertainment to watch. Many of the vendors offer show special pricing on diesel parts sought by the truck owners who attend the show. The track owner loves kids and even brings in a bounce house for them along with a huge playground. 

This year DIESEL Motorsports had over 280 trucks competing and over 4500 fans watching the activities. It was a full day starting at 8am and ending about 8pm, the staff of DIESEL Motorsports works very hard to make sure every one has a great time while at the event.

To start the day out we were a bit concerned because heavy rain, thunder and lightning hit the town of Bloomsburg where we were staying but by the time we got to the track on top of the mountain the sky was clearing and it had barely rained at the track. That is the way this track sits between two mountain ranges and seems to miss most storms, that is until 8pm that night minutes after the last Workstock truck pulled down the track the storms came in hard and drenched the area.

During the day it was beautiful sunny weather all day long with long lines at the concessions wanting water, Italian Ice and fountain drinks. Being on top of the mountain there is always a breeze blowing across the track with little humidity. It is a pleasure being in the mountains after holding events down on the plains in the heat.

As always we saw many street trucks line up in the staging lanes for drag racing with many new trucks wanting to win the cash purses available right after the races. DIESEL Motorsports did see some fast trucks with the Unlimited class trucks running in the low 9s in the 1/4 mile. The Mass Diesel dyno competition all saw some high horsepower trucks over 1100 hp coming from all three truck brands.

Sled pulling always has some of the strongest trucks on the East Coast pulling for the cash purses paying 10 places back. This year a diesel tractor class was added, the Modified Turbo tractors was a crowd pleaser with many big names running down the track. The 2.5 class gets stronger every year with some trucks getting close to 1000 hp.

It was a day for many to remember including the Mothers Show-N-Shine trucks with Doug Brarens taking home the best of show with his hauler "Rustenstein"!

Already planning next year's event at Numidia with some new additions to the show that includes some new diesel exhibitions. It is one of DIESEL Motorsports favorite venues to come to every year.

Winners of the Flowmaster  Series classes are below:

2.6 Class Pulling
John Manns Baldwin, MD 1996 Ford, Red/White 331.41
Jeremy Urey Brogue, PA 2003 Dodge, Gray 328.53
Jake Slingluff Belin, PA 1997 Dodge 320.31
Scott Whiles Wellinsford, CT 2001 Dodge Ram 2500, Silver 320.24
Corrie Baker Mt. Pleasant, PA 2004 Chevy, Tan 319.05
Mike Lepley Ebeiwberg, PA 1985 Dodge 317.48
Clint Mills Kennedyville, MD 2006 Dodge, White 317.06
Matthew Hoist East Earl, PA 2005 Dodge 316.16
Joe Hemm Mayport, PA 2000 Dodge, White 315.3
Keifer Fleegce Shippensburg, PA 2004 Dodge, White 310.42
Brian Stumblw Bellefonte, PA 1996 Dodge, Green 304.82
Cody Thomas Pottstown, PA 2004 Dodge Ram 2500 303.63
Chris Hoover Boyertown, PA 1997 Dodge, Black 302.68
Greg Henne Jonestown, PA 2005 Dodge, Gray 299.92
Travis Lewis/Recently Single Millville, PA 2002 GMC Sierra, Gold 299.15
Culvin Zimmerman New Holland, PA 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 297.13
Dustin Harrison Atlantic, PA 296.75
Robert Santini Stewartsville, PA 2002 GMC, Green 289.72
Jon Weaver Richfield, PA 2001 Chevy, Black 287.19
Rick Abare Ticonderje, NY 2009 Chevy, Red 271.36
Brennon Roy Gillet, PA 1999 Dodge, Blue 269.25
Tyler Albert Kingsley, PA 2010 Dodge Ram, Gray 267.04
Greg Walker Spring Grove, PA 1997 Dodge 2500, Silver 253.81
Tim Pheys Groton, PA 2006 Chevy, Red 248.33
Justin Gordon Allenwood, PA 1999 Ford, White 247.73
Grant Smith Keyser, WV 2003 Dodge, Black 201.44
Brad Reynolds/Green Goblin Summit Hill, PA 1997 Dodge 2500, Green 191.94
Joe Petak Trumbull, CT 2001 Dodge, White 130.82
Bill Dean St Albens, VT 2005 Chevy, Blue 107.82
Jesse Warren Guts Mills, PA 2004 Ford, White 51.54
Joe Cosentino Middlenver, MD 1995 Dodge, Silver 10.33

2.5 Class
James Etgan Mayfield, NJ 2006 Dodge, Silver 352.3
Caleb Herman Middleburg, PA 2002 Chevy, Gold/Orange 326.63
Nick Stillwagon Connellsville, PA 2007 Chevy, Blue 326.58
Denny Brechbill Carlisle, PA 99 Dodge, Green 321.81
Dale Blubaker Mohnton, PA 2006 Chevy, Gray 320.81
Josh Carter Mayfield, NJ 2006 Dodge, Blue 319.56
Kevin Wray Northumberland, PA 2006 Gmc Gray 319.46
Rick Abare Ticonderoje, NY 2009 Chevy, Red 315.84
Nathan Branham Centreville, MD 2004 Chevy 313.39
Chadd Briggs Dry Run, PA 2004 Chevy, Silver 312.03
Mark Fessler Womelsdorf, PA 2002 GMC, Silver 311.88
Mike Lonie Bedford, NH 2005 Dodge, White 305.52
Christopher Knuth Madera, PA 2008 Chevy, Black 304.01
Trevor Long Carlisle, PA 300.1
Derele Borden Westport, PA 2006 Chevy, Black 298.25
Philip Martin Stroudsburg, PA 2005 Chevy, Gray 296.89
Levon Visnofsisy Olanta, PA 2012 Dodge, Green 296.64
Mark Wray Gillet, PA 2003 GMC, Gray 287.36
Jill Heining/Daddy's Money Jennerstown, PA 1999 Dodge, White 285.46
Bret Moyer Winfield, PA 2002 Chevy, Black 282.35
Jay Hill Lannenberg, PA 2009 Chevy 281.1
Tom Hassler Bethel, PA 2008 Ford, White 281.1
Andy Garrett Landenburg, PA 2004 Ford, White 278.24
Matt Fessler Womelsfdorf, PA 271.87
Jason Stveok Dushere, PA 2004 Dodge, Red/Silver 266.25
Tom Philips Groken, NY 265.1
Todd Young Benton, PA 2006 Ford, Blue 260.54
Brandon Glasgow Aaronsburg, PA 2000 Dodge, Red 260.24
Benny Stone Factoryville, PA 2011 Dodge, Green 257.58

Work Stock Class
Brianna Hill Landenburg, PA 2005 Chevy, Green 316.75
Mark Fessler Womelsdorf, PA 2002 GMC, Silver 313.59
Kyle Barchey Rockwood, PA 2007 Dodge, Blue 313.44
Martin Zimmerman New Holland, PA 2007 Dodge 313.29
Derek Borden Westport, MA 2004 Chevy, Black 313.09
Mike Lonie Bedford, NH 2005 Dodge, Red 311.33
Tom Hassler Bethel, PA 2008 Ford, White 310.98
Christopher Knuth Madera, PA 2008 Chevy, Black 309.33
Ross Harter Avis, PA 2006 Chevy, Red 304.91
Ben Gelsinger Robesonia, PA 2001 Chevy, Gray 304.21
Trevor Long Carlisle, PA 2005 Chevy 303.91
Andy Garrett Landenburg, PA 2004 Ford, White 301.76
Jack Shingala Sunbury, PA 2004 Chevy, Maroon 301.4
Matt Fessler Womelsdorf, PA 2007 Chevy, Black 301.35
Jesse Young Benton, PA 2008 Ford, Brown 297.99
Jason Streak Dushere, PA 2004 Dodge, Red/Silver 293.18
Jacob Wood Mucy, PA 2011 Chevy, Black 290.27
Eric Arnold Duncansville, PA 2000 Ford, Red 289.97
Ryan Yankin Connellsville, PA 2003 Ford Blue 289.04
Chris Koehler Windsor, PA 2004 Dodge 283.75
Scott Miles Jefferson Twp, PA 2004 GMC, Red 281.8
Zach Albright Altoona, PA 2007 Chevy 276.88
Todd Young Benton, PA 2006 Ford, Blue 275.68
Shane Kline Benton, PA 2002 Ford, Blue 269.26
Ryan Smith Tunkhannnok, PA 2008 Dodge, Blue 267.61
Kyle Meyers Iwona, PA 2012 Dodge 265.75
Scott Beers Easton, PA 2003 Dodge, Black 249.46
Brian Guputo East Hampton, NY 2005 Chevy, Gray 233.21
Miele Hahn Nazareth, PA 2001 Dodge, Red 124.45
Bryan Ralich Ringtown, PA 2006 Dodge 108.31

Tractors Mod Turbo
Vern Zerby/2 Unit Chambersburg, PA Case IH Puma 210 321.59
Curt Forrester/Old Skool Chambersburg, PA Ford 8210 316.27
Scott Kiskadden/Bleedin Blue Chambersburg, PA NH T6-175 316.03
Yankee Mellot/2 Mistress Chambersburg, PA IH-1466 312.51
Vern Zerby/Dr LZ Chambersburg, PA IH-1466 309.02
Vern Zerby/002u Chambersburg, PA IH-966 299.73
Rick Hauck/Lil Stinker Winfield, PA IH-1066 280.65
John Forrester/Papa Smurf Chambersburg, PA Ford 9000 213.77

Flowmaster Drags
Cody Spence Norvan, PA 04 GMC 0.064 13.95 13.975
Jeremiah Soga Kutztown, PA 11 Ford 0.131 14.6 14.665

Bruce Block White Pigeon, MI 0.303 10.220 139.56 
Phillip Price, Antrim Diesel Greencastle, PA 0.151 Broke 
Karl Mireiter Wooster, OH 0.132 10.316 133.42

TDI 2.0 
Zack McDowell Wellsville, NY 0.641 21.534 60.57

Pro Stock Diesel 
Susan Stump Fleetwood, PA 0.110 11.183 121.46 
Doug Brarens Mt Pocono, PA Foul -.003 11.524 115.47

Susan Stump Fleetwood, PA 0.144 12.00 12.79 115.85
Brontley Rigo Friedens, PA 0.182 12.00 12.217 104.32

Dyno Winners
Highest HP & Best dodge
Nicholas Eklund - 06 dodge - 1215.05/1940.40
Best Ford - Tiller Brancifort - 11 FordF350 - 1142.11/2000
Best GMC/Chevy - Adam Garth - 04 GMC - 951.35/1320.95

Mother’s Show-N-Shine
Best of Show – Doug Brarens
Best Dodge – Alan Yoder
Best Duramax – Yvohne Strube
Best Ford – Mike Seeley