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Monday, August 28, 2017

What really drives the diesel market - II - Shops!!!

The diesel shops that range from a lift in a barn on a family farm to 4 bay garage building with a show-room our rural diesel shops keeps buying our sponsor's parts for our enthusiasts. However our rural diesel truck owners still need maintenance and continue to break their existing truck so they need repairs.

These young men who decide to start a small business and work for themselves are the drive behind our sport. Not only do they build trucks to compete but they encourage their customers to do the same. It is how they advertise their business, build a powerful diesel truck that competes and put their business name on the side or front so when they compete everyone can see their truck.

Most of these diesel shops want to install quality parts made in the USA because they do not want to fix faulty parts again for free. Their work is their trademark and integrity is their name. Soon many people want to visit and have work done on their truck by that shop.

You know the shop is good if they have trucks lined up outside and it looks like a used car lot. That is the number of customers lined up to have work done to their trucks. Many of these shops run maintenance on your local town's service trucks such as garbage trucks, street trucks and snow plows. Local delivery and fleet trucks are serviced by the local shops thus giving them a consistent stream of business.

The local rural shops all use parts and liquids from the automotive parts industry which in turns sponsor our events for advertising. They want local diesel enthusiasts to either request their parts or have the shop order their parts for repairs.

Yes the diesel shops along with our truck owners and enthusiast is the driving force behind the diesel market!

Thursday, August 24, 2017

What REALLY drives the diesel truck market???

Of course it is the truck owners who use their personal trucks for work, delivery, farm and recreational weekends. The truck enthusiast I have said all along is part of a diesel lifestyle that includes the entire family. Because they all use the truck for all aspects of family functions which is work, family activities and recreation.

Whether it is hauling a trailer to work or delivery of the kid's sport equipment along with the kids every week to use of the truck for boats, ATVs or many other recreational fun activities. Our diesel trucks get used a lot during the week and year for many different functions, so when a vehicle is used so much the owners want it to not only run good but look good too!

The diesel lifestyle is not the 4x4 mud bogging guys, totally different group! Most of our guys would not run their truck through a mud bog unless it was used to pull someone else out.

It is used as a utility vehicle with lots of power and torque when they need it. Dialed down it can get high mileage for fuel economy when hauling a trailer or boat. But yet when they want power they can dial it up for competition and participate at diesel events.

Second and really important for maintaining the personal diesel trucks is the diesel shops around the country! That will be covered in tomorrow's blog!

Friday, August 11, 2017

NY Truck Shootout - diesels alive in the upper York!

In our efforts to reach rural diesel markets we found a jewel in upper New York near Buffalo at the Empire Dragway in Leicester, NY. Every year we strive to reach out in areas we receive request to bring diesel shows for the local diesel enthusiasts. In order to work with local tracks we started last year by offering a Diesel vs Gas truck drag classes along with Show-N-Shine and dyno competition. 

The NY Truck Shootout was a succes with over 60 diesel trucks participating and 20 gas trucks in three classes in a one day event on August 5th. This track is in the middle of nowhere which fits our rural diesel truck demographics, it is about 1 hour east of Buffalo. What a nice facility with a 1/4 mile track that is under new ownership for about a year, many new improvements have been made to the track according to the locals.

DIESEL Motorsports had more than one reason to pick this location, the track owner will have a sled pulling track built by the time next year’s event comes around. We have already talked to the local state pulling group which will bring all of their classes next year. so next year DM will offer racing, pulling, show-n-shine and dyno competitions. 

The event was sponsored in part by a local diesel shop called “The Diesel Shop” owned by Mike Wysowski, I spent time there on Friday looking over and meeting his staff.

DIESEL Motorsports wants to thank The Diesel Shop for sponsoring the NY Truck Shootout and the Empire Dragway staff for a great day of diesel truck racing! The event was delayed more than once by a few scattered showers in the morning but cleared in the afternoon and evening with blue skies. Mothers Show-N-Shine had some really nice trucks and are listed below along with the winners of the drag races. 

Photos can be found on DIESEL Motorsports FB page along with videos on DIESEL Motorsports Channel.

Diesel Heads-Up
Winner - Katie Oswald/D
2nd - Joe Bumpus/D

DIESEL vs GAS Heads up
Winner - Jacks Toepfer/G
2nd - Joe Bumpus/D

ET Bracket - Diesel vs Gas
Winner - Katie Oswald/D
2nd - Derrick Kovach/G

Mothers Show-N-Shine
Best of Show - Dan Martin - 2003 Ford F350
Best Dodge - Kevin Chase - 2007 Dodge
Best Ford - Tessa Fiscella - 2008 ford
Best GM/Chevy - Anthony Lockwood - 2005 GM
Best RatRod - James Hawley - 1971 Chevy/12vCummins

Mass Diesel Dyno
Highest HP - Jeff Shorter