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Monday, August 28, 2017

What really drives the diesel market - II - Shops!!!

The diesel shops that range from a lift in a barn on a family farm to 4 bay garage building with a show-room our rural diesel shops keeps buying our sponsor's parts for our enthusiasts. However our rural diesel truck owners still need maintenance and continue to break their existing truck so they need repairs.

These young men who decide to start a small business and work for themselves are the drive behind our sport. Not only do they build trucks to compete but they encourage their customers to do the same. It is how they advertise their business, build a powerful diesel truck that competes and put their business name on the side or front so when they compete everyone can see their truck.

Most of these diesel shops want to install quality parts made in the USA because they do not want to fix faulty parts again for free. Their work is their trademark and integrity is their name. Soon many people want to visit and have work done on their truck by that shop.

You know the shop is good if they have trucks lined up outside and it looks like a used car lot. That is the number of customers lined up to have work done to their trucks. Many of these shops run maintenance on your local town's service trucks such as garbage trucks, street trucks and snow plows. Local delivery and fleet trucks are serviced by the local shops thus giving them a consistent stream of business.

The local rural shops all use parts and liquids from the automotive parts industry which in turns sponsor our events for advertising. They want local diesel enthusiasts to either request their parts or have the shop order their parts for repairs.

Yes the diesel shops along with our truck owners and enthusiast is the driving force behind the diesel market!

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