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Thursday, August 24, 2017

What REALLY drives the diesel truck market???

Of course it is the truck owners who use their personal trucks for work, delivery, farm and recreational weekends. The truck enthusiast I have said all along is part of a diesel lifestyle that includes the entire family. Because they all use the truck for all aspects of family functions which is work, family activities and recreation.

Whether it is hauling a trailer to work or delivery of the kid's sport equipment along with the kids every week to use of the truck for boats, ATVs or many other recreational fun activities. Our diesel trucks get used a lot during the week and year for many different functions, so when a vehicle is used so much the owners want it to not only run good but look good too!

The diesel lifestyle is not the 4x4 mud bogging guys, totally different group! Most of our guys would not run their truck through a mud bog unless it was used to pull someone else out.

It is used as a utility vehicle with lots of power and torque when they need it. Dialed down it can get high mileage for fuel economy when hauling a trailer or boat. But yet when they want power they can dial it up for competition and participate at diesel events.

Second and really important for maintaining the personal diesel trucks is the diesel shops around the country! That will be covered in tomorrow's blog!

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