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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Look for the DECAL Lady . . .

Yes we have a decal lady this year! She will be in the tech or scales area. We will not pass out decals at registration anymore but have them with the decal lady. She is there to make sure you have the proper decals that represents our series. Why put on decals? That is how you are going to get paid! Sponsors pay us to pay you - in return we put their decals on the trucks - real simple! Don't want to put them on then you run the risk of not getting paid, it's in the rules this year! If you don't want them on your truck permanently then put them on the windows so you can remove them after the race or pull. Or maybe you are not running that equipment on your truck, so what, it's a sport that is supported by sponsors. Honor their committment to the sport by putting on the decals. This costs companies a lot of money to not only give money to the purses but also come to the events to display product. Be nice to the decal lady she is a very cute young lady but don't try to bluff her she is a longtime diesel truck owner and participate. Yes, some of you have raced against her and possibly pulled too. She knows the diesels and the people involved so don't try telling her the decals are on the dash! Not good enough. Anyway the decaled trucks are the ones we will feature in the magazines, TV, and internet. I'm sure you want your truck featured on a National level! Look for the decal lady so you don't pull to the line naked and un-decaled!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Over $2500 in Prizes for Dyno Competition . . .

At Thunder in Muncie H&S Performance has donated over $2500 in tuners to the winners of the Dyno competition!

Mini Max for the exact HP guess and hitting it during dyno competition - three pulls!

3 XT Pros will be given to the lowest HP for GM, Ford and Dodge!

Yes that is not a typo - the lowest horsepower produced - so the local trucks that need to gain power can line up and win big at the dyno!

Dyno provided by Bean's diesel with lots of work in front of them so get there early and sign in!

This will be a big show and the dyno will be at the Gaston Lion's Club Park.

Three pulls for $80 and first come first serve so line them up!

Both diesel magazines will be there covering the event plus being televised.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Thunder in Muncie in two spots . . .

Yep the drag strip is at the Muncie Dragway just outside of Muncie to the East. Dragstrip has been redone and claims the largest shutdown in NHRA. Country track so no one cares about the noise or smoke, corn fields all around us there. We are only running until 1pm so we can get over to the Lion's Club Park in time to sled pull for the evening.

Schedule for the day is below.

Drag Racing - Muncie Dragway
8am Gates open/Registration
9am Drag runs start
11am Qualifying runs
12:00 pm Final runs
Sled Pull - Gaston Lion’s Club Park
1 pm Gates open
1pm Vendor Row opens
2pm Show-N-Shine Registration - Competition
4pm Sled Pull Tech starts
4pm Show-N-Shine Judging
6pm PreSled Pull Show Ceromonies
7pm Sled Pull begins - Competition
10 pm Sled Pull Winners announced

Lion's Club Park is just north of Muncie and a couple of different routes will get you there.

Drag Racing 8 am gates open, racing start 9am-1pm
Muncie Dragway,
7901 E State Road 28-67 Albany, IN 47320
(765) 789-8470
All classes are racing, ET, Quick Diesel, Unlimited, ProStock, TopDiesel, check our web site for classes and rules for your truck.
$1000 1st and $500 2nd for first three classes. All street trucks are encouraged to enter, ET only requires time estimates not speed.

Sled Pulling, Dyno, Vendors, Show-N-Shine
Gaston Lions Club Park
7449 W County Road 850 N, Gaston IN 47342
1pm - 9pm Saturday
Activities at Park will be Dyno all day and evening, Show-N-Shine at 2pm/Judging at 4pm, 
Sled Pull tech at 4pm, Vendors open 1pm til close and 
SLED PULL at 7pm. 
2.6 Sled Pull Class paying $2500 for 1st Place 
Competitive purses on all places and classes 
$35 per class to compete 

Hotel for Muncie: Lee's Inn 
3302 North Everbrook Lane Muncie, IN 
(765) 282-7557 ask for DMS for $72 per night room 

This is the way the original DIESEL ONLY event was held 12 years ago when diesels first got a start!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Something new everyday this week . .

I'll be talking about something new that will be happening at Thunder in Muncie this weekend June 23 every day of this week.

#1 - $2500 for 1st place for 2.6 pulling class

NO MINIMUM trucks, no catches, and we will pay back additional 15 places for that class!

So line the trucks up and bring to the Gaston Lion's Club Park on Saturday, come early to get teched, gates open at 1pm - sled pull at 7pm.

Yes, read the rules, hood stacks are allowed, rules are free for download on web site.

DIESEL Motorsports will payout close to $5000 for this class with help from our 2.6 class sponsor Second Wind Performance and Little Power Shop (Winner's Circle Sponsor)!

Yes checks will be written at the event so you can take home some cash! Entry for this class will be admission into the event $15 and a $35 competitive fee!

NOT MUCH to enter to win such big purses!

This track is very un-forgiving, nice clay dirt track with lots of bite. So don't count yourself out if you know how to pull! In other words anything can happen so why not compete and give it a try.

If we have more than 100 trucks registered we will pay back even further so line them up for a monumental Thunder in Muncie! This will be televised, filmed and shot by 3 different National magazines.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Can you stop that thang . . .

7000 lb 4x4 pickup with 600 hp, big tires, runs like a burnt ape - now can you stop it on OEM brakes?

Sure it will stop eventually but can you do it safely in an emergency?

Faded brakes are no fun and you feel hopeless when it does happen plus it could cause an accident with other vehicles.

Believe it or not brakes are the last thing our truck guys look at when going fast. They are in a quest for speed with no thoughts of stopping until it's too late.

Stainless Steel Brakes Corporation is the official brakes of DIESEL Motorsports because their system stops our big heavy trucks.

Heavy duty pistons and calipers along with extra thick non-fade brake pads stops you quick with their system. SSBC now has complete systems for both axles however what most people don't know is that the front brakes stops over 70% of your vehicle.

We have had several shops instal these and report about an hour per axle to install the system.

Depending on where you purchase these they will run from $900 - 1600 per axle. That is fairly inexpensive when you are talking about saving your life when you need to stop!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Where does the DIESEL $$$$ goes . . .

Yea I know that isn't good English but the thought is there in everybody's mind!

It has been the direction of DIESEL Motorsports to put 85% of our yearly income back into the diesel events and competitors. That's right only 15% goes to operating overhead for the business which includes going to trade shows, marketing, etc.

The rest goes back into the DIESEL ONLY events throughout the year. Costs for the tracks, insurance, personnel, advertising and purses comes out of the funds collected from sponsors and shows. We are the only sanctioning body for DIESEL ONLY events that pay the competitors after the event is over.

You won't see us in big fancy wrapped new trucks, or semis that look like Nascar race teams - we give it back to the sport! Investment back into the business has been our focus for the past five years.

It was our mission to invest  in the sport and build it up in the worst economy since the great depression. It has not been easy for us but we have survived and we feel it has paid off with over 25 sponsors and over 60 events for 2012.

DIESEL Motorsports was designed to not only hold SFI safe insured DIESEL ONLY events but offer a marketing service for manufacturers to help promote diesel motor sports.

When I first went to SEMA and asked for demographics and data on the diesel marketplace they had none what-so-ever! Since then DIESEL Motorsports has done their own surveys and collected our own data for publishing plus partnering with SEMA to collect information.

We are now in the process of launching a new SEMA driven program for diesel manufacturers to be represented in the new SEMA "Aces & Pie" database for dealers.

This year you will see some of the largest purses offered in DIESEL Motorsports DIESEL ONLY events in the country starting off with a $2500 1st place purse for 2.6 sled pulling at Thunder in Muncie June 23!

The highest guessed horsepower on the dyno at Thunder in Muncie will receive a $1200 H&S Performance Tuner. Little Power Shop added another $1000 to our 2.6 purse for Thunder in Muncie. Even our sponsors are giving back to the sport!

DIESEL Motorsports operates on a very controlled budget for our DIESEL ONLY events because we have done so many of these we know exactly how much they are going to cost and where we can get the most out of our funds for local resources.

You will always find us advertising the events on local radio, newspapers, and diesel magazines. This year you will see us in a semis trailer, sorry not wrapped this year maybe next year but you will see us in the crowd with a big trailer and 20 foot tent!

DIESEL Motorsports thinks it is important we continue to build the sport for future growth, when we see 10,000 fans in the stands at all of the events then we will think it has made it.

Still building and giving back to the sport - what are you doing?

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Can we keep it DIESEL ONLY events???

What does that mean "DIESEL ONLY"?

So many different events and promoters in order to cut costs combine with other activities at a dragstrip or arena that are not diesel vehicles.

Run with a Mustang club or a Corvette club at the dragstrip, then we won't have to pay for the track by ourselves. Hey even we have done this in order to check out a new area before investing thousands to rent the track. Renting a IHRA or NHRA dragstrip is not a cheap proposition, some where between $8-17,000 for one day is the normal rate plus expenses. Why is a track not prepped? $880 per 50 gallon drum of VHT would answer that question? Oil cleanups on the track $400-900 per spill depending on how bad it is!

Who pays for this? The sponsors, promoter, the fans? Figure how many must come in the gate to cover $15,000 at $15 per person? Was that many people in the stands?

Point being if you promote and run a "DIESEL ONLY" event it is going to cost you some money.

The other question is by being "DIESEL ONLY" is it enough interest to draw the crowds that can pay for the show? Do we need to add other non-diesel activities in order to draw interest and fans into the facility.

My sponsors want "DIESEL ONLY" because that is who buys their products, but they also want people in the stands to make sure they are getting their money's worth of advertising. I have had a couple of sponsors complain that when combined shows are present they have fans ask what their products are for and can they put it on their cars.

Same way with sled pulling? Do we combine the shows with gassers, tractors, 2WD gassers, and even diesel tractors. We have used diesel tractors in rural farm areas because they are diesel, but all the trucks tell us they want to be the show not tractors. We have been told by the truck owners we do not get along with tractors because they always want the money instead of the trucks.

This is a long time argument we hear from many of our affiliate clubs who run both tractor and trucks in their pulling associations. That is why we have helped so many rural pulling associations so the diesel trucks can have purses because the tractors would not give up the funds for truck purses.

This brings us back to "DIESEL ONLY" events!

Can we continue to provide these with so many wanting to cash-in on the entertainment value?

DIESEL ONLY trucks, still has a pure sound to us. We'll see how the fans respond to this year's events.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Win at all cost . . .

Is that what we have taught our children? Win, do what ever it takes, stay on top, lie, cheat, break the rules, bend the rules, talk smack, call names, make fun of the opposition, make up stories, attack the person, and then justify what you have just done . .

DIESEL Motorsports deals in competition, motor sports is competition and there are always those who try to get ahead with a slight advantage. Finding ways within the rules using mechanical and performance enhancements we encourage and most are thought of highly when they win.

The rules we have in place are there to ensure those that compete everyone is playing on a level field in competition. The trucks that now are being put together are high dollar machines that compete not for just the money but position in the getting crowded who has the hottest trucks out of their shops.

Who is producing the highest dyno numbers, who has the fastest truck, who is pulling the farthest in the class, and once they make the claim, how much product can they sell from that victory.

That is why DIESEL Motorsports was started years ago, we do not sell parts, we do not own stores, we do not favor diesel shops nor product warehouses so we do not compete with those we provide a service. Have we been asked to change our rules to favor products or a diesel shop's products? Yes we have and we have turned those offers down in order to keep competition on a level playing field for diesel trucks.

Do we favor our sponsor's products, of course we do, because they are helping us build the sport by giving us funds to help put on the events. Do we allow their competition in to the events? Yes we do and they are treated equally at the events. It's just good business to keep all on a level playing field in competition for products or on the track.

DIESEL Motorsports embrace new creative ways to enhance diesel performance but within our rules which are based on safety and a equal playing field for all truck owners.

DIESEL Motorsports is the only sanctioning body for diesel motor sports, legally through SFI, insured with our own techs specifically for diesels. NO ONE ELSE - putting on diesel only events can offer the fair ruleset that is being offered at our events.

NOTICE: read the rules which are downloaded for free on our web site, compete the right way with integrity and our industry will praise what you have accomplished.

Monday, June 4, 2012

DIESEL Motorsports constantly improving mainstream relationships . . .

DIESEL Motorsports recently signed with the National Rifle Association (NRA) as membership sponsorship for the 2012 season.

This helps us tie a lot of cross-over markets together that fit our fan's hobbies and lifestyles. The outdoorsman, rural community and Midwest lifestyle fits this partnership we recently entered into with the NRA.

The NRA will also market DIESEL Motorsports to their 4 million members as an activity that fits their hobbies and lifestyle. This will open new doors for DIESEL Motorsports and hopefully a lot of diesel truck owners we have not been able to reach.

Basically what NRA and DIESEL Motorsports put together is a $25 offer of a year membership in the NRA (Reg. $35 per yr) plus you will receive one free ticket to a DIESEL Motorsports event ( a $15 value) with no strings attached, no charge for parking, and this offer can be purchased online, or at the ticket booth at each event!

Both parties realize their fan base is the same in many different ways and both are looking to expand their fan base in rural communities.

Both parties are pushing their fan base to register to vote for this fall's election and NRA has a program called "All In" which encourages everyone to use their American right to vote in a General election. Make a difference in our society and for the freedoms we have grown to enjoy as not only a hobby but a way of life.

Fighting for freedom for the individual is what has made our country one of the Super Powers in the World today, keeping that individualism alive will re-kendle this great country. Taking the government back by voting is a place to start and DIESEL Motorsports/NRA are combining their efforts to ask rural America to please use the right to vote.

Being able to change or customize our diesel trucks without regulations not only saves us fuel (mpg) but also provides us performance when using the trucks during work as utility vehicles. Same as regulations on our gun rights which so many of our rural diesel fans have grown up with in their lifetime, the diesel community has many things in common with the people who support the NRA.

DIESEL Motorsports is expanding the fan base by bringing in people who live our lifestyle and like I have stated before, we are not communicating with the majority of diesel truck owners in the United States.