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Monday, June 11, 2012

Can you stop that thang . . .

7000 lb 4x4 pickup with 600 hp, big tires, runs like a burnt ape - now can you stop it on OEM brakes?

Sure it will stop eventually but can you do it safely in an emergency?

Faded brakes are no fun and you feel hopeless when it does happen plus it could cause an accident with other vehicles.

Believe it or not brakes are the last thing our truck guys look at when going fast. They are in a quest for speed with no thoughts of stopping until it's too late.

Stainless Steel Brakes Corporation is the official brakes of DIESEL Motorsports because their system stops our big heavy trucks.

Heavy duty pistons and calipers along with extra thick non-fade brake pads stops you quick with their system. SSBC now has complete systems for both axles however what most people don't know is that the front brakes stops over 70% of your vehicle.

We have had several shops instal these and report about an hour per axle to install the system.

Depending on where you purchase these they will run from $900 - 1600 per axle. That is fairly inexpensive when you are talking about saving your life when you need to stop!

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