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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Win at all cost . . .

Is that what we have taught our children? Win, do what ever it takes, stay on top, lie, cheat, break the rules, bend the rules, talk smack, call names, make fun of the opposition, make up stories, attack the person, and then justify what you have just done . .

DIESEL Motorsports deals in competition, motor sports is competition and there are always those who try to get ahead with a slight advantage. Finding ways within the rules using mechanical and performance enhancements we encourage and most are thought of highly when they win.

The rules we have in place are there to ensure those that compete everyone is playing on a level field in competition. The trucks that now are being put together are high dollar machines that compete not for just the money but position in the getting crowded who has the hottest trucks out of their shops.

Who is producing the highest dyno numbers, who has the fastest truck, who is pulling the farthest in the class, and once they make the claim, how much product can they sell from that victory.

That is why DIESEL Motorsports was started years ago, we do not sell parts, we do not own stores, we do not favor diesel shops nor product warehouses so we do not compete with those we provide a service. Have we been asked to change our rules to favor products or a diesel shop's products? Yes we have and we have turned those offers down in order to keep competition on a level playing field for diesel trucks.

Do we favor our sponsor's products, of course we do, because they are helping us build the sport by giving us funds to help put on the events. Do we allow their competition in to the events? Yes we do and they are treated equally at the events. It's just good business to keep all on a level playing field in competition for products or on the track.

DIESEL Motorsports embrace new creative ways to enhance diesel performance but within our rules which are based on safety and a equal playing field for all truck owners.

DIESEL Motorsports is the only sanctioning body for diesel motor sports, legally through SFI, insured with our own techs specifically for diesels. NO ONE ELSE - putting on diesel only events can offer the fair ruleset that is being offered at our events.

NOTICE: read the rules which are downloaded for free on our web site, compete the right way with integrity and our industry will praise what you have accomplished.

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