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Monday, June 18, 2012

Something new everyday this week . .

I'll be talking about something new that will be happening at Thunder in Muncie this weekend June 23 every day of this week.

#1 - $2500 for 1st place for 2.6 pulling class

NO MINIMUM trucks, no catches, and we will pay back additional 15 places for that class!

So line the trucks up and bring to the Gaston Lion's Club Park on Saturday, come early to get teched, gates open at 1pm - sled pull at 7pm.

Yes, read the rules, hood stacks are allowed, rules are free for download on web site.

DIESEL Motorsports will payout close to $5000 for this class with help from our 2.6 class sponsor Second Wind Performance and Little Power Shop (Winner's Circle Sponsor)!

Yes checks will be written at the event so you can take home some cash! Entry for this class will be admission into the event $15 and a $35 competitive fee!

NOT MUCH to enter to win such big purses!

This track is very un-forgiving, nice clay dirt track with lots of bite. So don't count yourself out if you know how to pull! In other words anything can happen so why not compete and give it a try.

If we have more than 100 trucks registered we will pay back even further so line them up for a monumental Thunder in Muncie! This will be televised, filmed and shot by 3 different National magazines.

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