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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Look for the DECAL Lady . . .

Yes we have a decal lady this year! She will be in the tech or scales area. We will not pass out decals at registration anymore but have them with the decal lady. She is there to make sure you have the proper decals that represents our series. Why put on decals? That is how you are going to get paid! Sponsors pay us to pay you - in return we put their decals on the trucks - real simple! Don't want to put them on then you run the risk of not getting paid, it's in the rules this year! If you don't want them on your truck permanently then put them on the windows so you can remove them after the race or pull. Or maybe you are not running that equipment on your truck, so what, it's a sport that is supported by sponsors. Honor their committment to the sport by putting on the decals. This costs companies a lot of money to not only give money to the purses but also come to the events to display product. Be nice to the decal lady she is a very cute young lady but don't try to bluff her she is a longtime diesel truck owner and participate. Yes, some of you have raced against her and possibly pulled too. She knows the diesels and the people involved so don't try telling her the decals are on the dash! Not good enough. Anyway the decaled trucks are the ones we will feature in the magazines, TV, and internet. I'm sure you want your truck featured on a National level! Look for the decal lady so you don't pull to the line naked and un-decaled!

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