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Thursday, July 5, 2012

When it is hot get out of the kitchen . . .

We have all heard the old saying and it pertains to our diesel world when competition is involved.

Newer diesels are coming out that are faster, less smoke and tuned to compete multiple runs and passes.

Starting to replace the smoky one pass diesels who go down the track once and call it a day to party.

We are talking true professional competitors who have built durable diesel drivetrains that can perform and set records which require multiple runs (backed up by a second pass).

The same in sled pulling which requires heavy pulling in a short amount of distance (300 ft). In the larger classes the smoke is part of the show in pulling but the higher horsepower is still growing in all of the trucks.

In other words all areas are hitting new levels for performance diesel and the trucks are still being built by diesel competitors even though the economy is still weak.

More and more of the race and pulling teams are showing up in matching team shirts, wrapped trailers, wrapped trucks, sponsors on their equipment leaving a very professional feeling about the sport.

Almost 7 years ago I held a seminar in Indy on how to capture sponsors and look professional, not many can remember that session. It was held before a banquet in a small hotel conference center and a few teams did come to listen.

We have come a long way in seven years and I am proud of some of the teams who have stepped up and taken the lead as professional competitors.

Not all of our guys can afford to do this but it gives them a model to strive for in the future and we all come out looking like a sport that deserves recognition.

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