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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Traveling to Diesel Events. . .

Traveling to the diesel events can be fun and adventurous depending on where you go and stay. Right now I'm staying at a Bed & Breakfast that is owned and run by a past Blue Angel pilot who survived three tours in Viet Nam and a pilot for the Blue Angels. His call sign was Bad Dawg, what a fun place to spend a few days and it was cheaper than the local hotels with a breakfast included that beats Perkins!

I remember the last time I booked a few years ago our entire crew in a Bed & Breakfast in London, OH! A few of the crew got there before we did and I immediately got a call from one of them asking WTH when I checked in they gave me a lavender bar of soap - lol! I asked if he had bathed recently, maybe it was a hint, and I told him not to leave a ring around the tub so we wouldn't have to pay extra for cleanup.

On another trip we stayed at a Bed & Breakfast one our crew members went outside to smoke at 2:30 am in the morning in his pj bottoms only in the early spring and forgot the door was spring loaded. He spent the next 20 minutes in the cold throwing wood chips up at the windows trying to wake his wife up to let him back in the building. Got a little cold out there and oh yea it was raining too!

These trips can be fun and the different stories we all laugh about and tell later make it worth it! Come this weekend to Numidia PA for one of the largest diesel shows on the East coast and make some fun memories.

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