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Friday, July 6, 2012

Who likes who - who really cares?

Every since DIESEL Motorsports formed and went into business as the only licensed sanctioning body for diesel pickups the haters started hating.

You ask why diss or talk down someone who wants to promote DIESEL Motorsports?  Why pick on a business who is trying to expand the sport and bring it to the mainstream?

Is it because others want it unruly and no rules? Is it because they personally don't like the people running DIESEL Motorsports or other promoters?

What is their motivation? Is it business, product/market share, wanting to be the one on top?

Ask any diesel owner, fans, family members attending an event or most competitors and honestly - they don't care!

They want to enjoy the lifestyle of owning a diesel and the people involved. At each event while they look at each other's trucks, talking on Facebook, texting and emailing they all have one thing in common - they love their diesel trucks.

That's all that matters, the drama, the haters, the name callers doesn't matter to them at all.

I'm glad to hear that and embrace that attitude with DIESEL Motorsports attendees. I have been a target as my partner in DIESEL Motorsports and yes, it bothers us such people have to act this way.

We stay loyal to our sponsors and those who do business with DIESEL Motorsports, that's just good business. We protect our investments and business which is DIESEL Motorsports but our mission is to expand and bring the sport into the mainstream America.

A diesel lifestyle as a sport, that is what our passion is for the future. We strive to be optimistic and positive and leave the haters, name callers behind. Leaving negative energy behind and embracing a positive approach is healthier for our sport and all involved.

Ask any one coming to events who likes who? They don't care they are there to have fun as a diesel enthusiast and DIESEL Motorsports plans to accommodate them!

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