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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Thunder in Muncie Review! - DIESEL Motorsports

We had great weather for the Haisley Thunder in Muncie event this last weekend, for those who attended found some great crowds watching some powerful trucks. This is the original “diesel only” event since 2001 when diesel trucks were not allowed at county fairs nor on dragstrips. Much has changed in that time period and the popularity of the sport, now many diesel events dot our country side. 

This event was started by Gene (Sleddy) Mahoney and Eric McBride along with Dave's Diesel and a local TDR group in 2001. It has been up and down and up in size over the years but remains as one of the pure diesel only events in the country where you can see some of the best and consistent running diesels in the industry.

It has always been held at two locations throughout the years and it seems two different groups attend both days. A younger racing crowd for Friday and a more family oriented group comes for the pulls on Saturday. Either day is a great group pf people who enjoy the diesel lifestyle.

Friday was a nice turnout of people who love their diesels along with some very fast diesel trucks racing down the track, we easily had over 8 trucks who could run in the 9s in the 1/4 mile. Being a cooler night made the diesel trucks run a little faster, I believe we had a couple of runs at 159 mph, that’s a lot for a 3/4 ton diesel pickup! 

Saturday was held at the Gaston Lion’s Club Park a short distance from the drag strip, it is a 100 year old city park with nice giant oak tress. It started a little slow in the afternoon when Mothers Show-N-Shine trucks lined up against the outer fence to compete for best truck. For the first time we had a local diesel antique tractor club show their tractors at the event along with a parade in front of the crowd. Revolution dyno ran trucks during the afternoon for the diesel fans to watch. Vendor alley was displayed with some of our sponsors along with local diesel shops selling to the diesel fans. The crowd picked up around 5pm right before the sled pull being held at 6pm and the infield along with the stands filled quickly.   

The drag racing truck is Bruce Block who won the Unlimited heads-up class Friday night and the pulling truck is Jordan Kinderman who won the 2.6/3.0 class in pulling!

I want to thank Haisley Machine and the rest of our sponsors for a great weekend event at the Haisley Thunder in Muncie! The Muncie dragway was packed with trucks and people to watch some very fast trucks! Yes we had some breakage and lots of cheering for the winners! The sled pull fans got to see some of the best in the midwest along with some great vendors and products! Want to always thank our DM crew which is always very helpful and yes they love diesels too!

K&W Drag Racing
Unlimited Heads-up Class
Champion - Bruce Block
Runner-up - Rick Fox
Quick Diesel 12.0 Index
Champion - Larson Miller
Runner-up - Zach Danner
ET Bracket
Champion - Larson Miller
Runner-up - Meghan Maroney
CRC Sled Pulling
Jacob Bair 355.07
Evan Smoot 329.02
John Bair 322.04
Terry Biggs 100.09
Jordon Kinderman 320.02
Daniel Mooney 318.11
CW Cartmell 318.09
Brett Meyer 318
Adam Hallien 317.04
Alan Blackburn 315.04
Leah Urich 311.11
Jordan Jackson 308.04
Curt Haisley 306.07
Jesse Warren 302.03
Joe Hemm 299.01
Evan Dans 313.06
Derrik Amos 304.01
Tannar Warner 302.01
Doug Monroe 297
Jon Bartlett 280.1
Andy Hassemm 277.06
Drew Maple 309.08
Dustin Merrell 306.01
Damon Caylor 272.03
Lee Anthrop 270.01
john Moore 267.07
Logan Antrim 243
Zeb Rupe 237.09
John Osterholt 237.04
Bart Redwinc 236.03
Aaron Wells 230.07
Mothers Show-N-Shine
Best of Show - Jacob Neuenschwander
Best Dodge - Devon Morgan
Best Ford - Trevor Selinger
Best Dmax - Rich Strube
Best Tractor - Dale Rinker
2nd - Dan Flanigan
Revolution Dyno
Best Dodge - Brian Laird
Best Dmax- Stephan Oneil
Best Ford - Cameron Fletcher