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Friday, January 30, 2015

NADM/DIESEL Motorsports 2015 Schedule set for an exciting year!

Press Release: February 1, 2015

NADM/DIESEL Motorsports 2015 Schedule set for an exciting year!

National Association of Diesel Motorsports (shortened to DIESEL Motorsports 3 years ago) is in its 8th year of providing Sanctioned diesel sled pulling, and drag racing events across the United States.

In 2001 none of the tracks (NHRA or IHRA) or pulling associations would let diesel trucks run or compete in classes. The first sanctioned diesel event in the country was Thunder in Muncie near Muncie Indiana in June of 2001. That event is still one of the top events in the country in the original locations hosted by DIESEL Motorsports.

As many of you know diesel motor sports and NADM has grown quickly with events now all over the country. Many state, regional clubs/associations and diesel promoters are putting diesel events in many different rural towns. DIESEL Motorsports has tried to present a uniform set of rules to include all diesel trucks and classes across the US so not to favor anyone’s products or shops. With safety in mind for all classes we welcome all diesel vehicles.

For the first time DIESEL Motorsports will be featuring Clean Diesel Classes in sled pulling and a TDI/Cruze Clean Diesel Class at three events. Watch for details surrounding these new additions and as always Semi trucks are welcome for Mothers® Polish Show-N-Shine and sled pulling.

Flowmaster Performance Exhaust returns as the VIP Title sponsor this year among many others who have been with us for many years. Flowmaster diesel exhaust with the Patented Pro Series muffler is the only muffler that will cut the drone out in your cab plus add performance at the wheels. We ask that when purchasing equipment for your diesels please keep them in mind, they are the reason we can put on these events.

O’Reilly Auto Part Stores joins as Series Sponsor for our diesel only drag racing and sled pulling. Many of you know these stores since they are in your local towns, please stop by and pickup any sponsor’s products from them. Watch for details about product rebates and event discount tickets at your local O’Reilly stores.

Check-out our new list of sponsors where many have returned with multi-year commitments along with some new names as official endorsed product sponsors.

2015 Sponsors:
Flowmaster Performance Exhaust - VIP Title Sponsor
O’Reilly Auto Parts – Series Sponsor
South Bend Clutch - Official Clutch
Industrial Injection - Official Turbo
ATI Dampers - Official Damper
CRC - Official Fuel Treatment
Firestone Ride Rite - Official Air Suspension
ARP - Official Head Stud
CP/Carrillo - Official Rod
Mahle - Official Piston
Victor Reinz - Official Gaskets
Clevite – Official Engine Bearing
AFE - Official Air Intake
Fuelab - Official Fuel Pump
Exergy Performance – Official Injector
Champion Blue Flame Oil - Official Oil
Weld Wheels - Official Wheels
Redline Diesel - Official Transmission
Covercraft - Official Seat Cover
Vulcan Performance - Official Fuel Draw Straw
Stainless - Official Exhaust Manifold
Mickey Thompson - Official Tire
Mothers® Polishes-Waxes-Cleaners – Show-N-Shine Sponsor
Haisley Machine - Sponsor of Thunder in Muncie

Below is the schedule and sponsor list for 2015 as of February 1! Check back we will be adding more every week!

DM  2015 Schedule

May 9 - Ozark Diesel Shootout
Ozark Raceway, Diesel Drags
Mothers® Polish Show-N-Shine, Dyno
Rogersville, MO

June 19/20th - Haisley's Thunder in Muncie
Friday June 19th - Muncie Dragway (Diesel only drags)
Saturday June 20th - Gaston Lion's Club Park
Tractor Show, Mothers® Polish Show-N-Shine, Dyno
Sled Pull 6pm, all classes

July 18th - East Coast Diesel Nationals
Numidia Dragway, Numidia PA
Diesel only drags, sled pulling,
Mothers® Polish Show-N-Shine,
Mass Diesel Dyno

August 14/15th - Industrial Injection
Rocky Mountain Diesel Shootout
Friday night Diesel only drags
Rocky Mountain Raceway
Saturday 15th Industrial Injection 
NWDC Dyno Competition
Mothers® Polish Show-N-Shine
Industrial Injection Diesel Seminars

September 26th - Buckeye Diesel Blast
MCIR Dragway, LaRue, OH
Diesel only Redline Diesel Drags, 
Firepunk Sled Pulling
Mothers® Polish Show-N-Shine

Affiliate Shows
March 12-14th, Keystone Nationals
PA Farm Show Complex, Harrisburg, PA
Truck and tractor Sled Pulling

September 11/12th - Smokey Mountain Diesel Days
Friday Drags, Greenville, TN
Saturday Sled Pull, Rogersville, TN
Show-N-Shine, Dyno

October 16/17th Antrim Diesel Days
Mason Dixon Dragway, Boonesboro, MD
Diesel only Drags, Sled Pulling
Mother® Polish Show-N-Shine

November 7th, Diesels in Dark Corners
White Plains, GA
Liberty Truck/Tractor Pulls

Ozark Diesel Shootout Point Series
Diesel Drags
Rogersville, MO
July 25th
August 15
September 26

Spokane Diesel Series
Spokane Raceway, WA
June 27
July 25
August 15
September 12

MMTTPA – Sled Pulling Series
(see web site for schedule)

Muncie Dragway Diesel Series
(see web site for schedule)

Liberty Truck/Tractor Sled Pulls
(see web site for schedule)

Check Web Site for Updates!
Plus over 50 local affiliate diesel events with local clubs supporting
and unifying diesel motorsports!

For more information: www.DIESELmotorsports.US
Ron Knoch – 816-734-5611


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2015 is a NEW Year - start building for the future! DIESEL Motorsports

This week starts a NEW year for all of us in the diesel community. What is your goals for a better year?

DIESEL Motorsports is planning the events right now and we plan on making the existing ones even bigger than they were last year. There will be a few new ones in some new areas along with some new series races and pulls.

It's always about building the sport using our existing budget and sponsorship, if you want to see the sport grow in your area then get involved and call us. Yes, you can start smaller events in your area along with working with local diesel shops or tracks.

Keep in mind safety and insure your events, no one wants a liability and what we do seems safe it is still racing/pulling which is dangerous if not done properly.

Yes, I had more tracks and facilities come to us during the PRI Show and ask about putting on diesel events. Much more than the past years which tells me that the sport is catching on with the mainstream media.

Watch our web site for new events starting the end of January and adding to them all through the summer months.

If you like the diesel lifestyle that has been built then support it with your involvement.