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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2015 is a NEW Year - start building for the future! DIESEL Motorsports

This week starts a NEW year for all of us in the diesel community. What is your goals for a better year?

DIESEL Motorsports is planning the events right now and we plan on making the existing ones even bigger than they were last year. There will be a few new ones in some new areas along with some new series races and pulls.

It's always about building the sport using our existing budget and sponsorship, if you want to see the sport grow in your area then get involved and call us. Yes, you can start smaller events in your area along with working with local diesel shops or tracks.

Keep in mind safety and insure your events, no one wants a liability and what we do seems safe it is still racing/pulling which is dangerous if not done properly.

Yes, I had more tracks and facilities come to us during the PRI Show and ask about putting on diesel events. Much more than the past years which tells me that the sport is catching on with the mainstream media.

Watch our web site for new events starting the end of January and adding to them all through the summer months.

If you like the diesel lifestyle that has been built then support it with your involvement. 

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