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Monday, June 4, 2012

DIESEL Motorsports constantly improving mainstream relationships . . .

DIESEL Motorsports recently signed with the National Rifle Association (NRA) as membership sponsorship for the 2012 season.

This helps us tie a lot of cross-over markets together that fit our fan's hobbies and lifestyles. The outdoorsman, rural community and Midwest lifestyle fits this partnership we recently entered into with the NRA.

The NRA will also market DIESEL Motorsports to their 4 million members as an activity that fits their hobbies and lifestyle. This will open new doors for DIESEL Motorsports and hopefully a lot of diesel truck owners we have not been able to reach.

Basically what NRA and DIESEL Motorsports put together is a $25 offer of a year membership in the NRA (Reg. $35 per yr) plus you will receive one free ticket to a DIESEL Motorsports event ( a $15 value) with no strings attached, no charge for parking, and this offer can be purchased online, or at the ticket booth at each event!

Both parties realize their fan base is the same in many different ways and both are looking to expand their fan base in rural communities.

Both parties are pushing their fan base to register to vote for this fall's election and NRA has a program called "All In" which encourages everyone to use their American right to vote in a General election. Make a difference in our society and for the freedoms we have grown to enjoy as not only a hobby but a way of life.

Fighting for freedom for the individual is what has made our country one of the Super Powers in the World today, keeping that individualism alive will re-kendle this great country. Taking the government back by voting is a place to start and DIESEL Motorsports/NRA are combining their efforts to ask rural America to please use the right to vote.

Being able to change or customize our diesel trucks without regulations not only saves us fuel (mpg) but also provides us performance when using the trucks during work as utility vehicles. Same as regulations on our gun rights which so many of our rural diesel fans have grown up with in their lifetime, the diesel community has many things in common with the people who support the NRA.

DIESEL Motorsports is expanding the fan base by bringing in people who live our lifestyle and like I have stated before, we are not communicating with the majority of diesel truck owners in the United States.

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