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Monday, May 28, 2012

Are you a true DIESEL enthusiasts? Live it don't wear it . . .

Do you have a diesel pickup you like to compete with or just make upgrades for a hobby? Then you are a diesel enthusiasts.

As a diesel enthusiast you should enjoy the diesel community and family I have written about, come to the events, enjoy the show, talk to distant truck owners and find out what others are doing to their trucks.

That's living the sport, living the lifestyle, and enjoying your hobby!

Wearing the sport is picking sides, trash talking another competitor, trash talking another promoter or event, and bad mouthing a manufacturer over another's product.

Leave the drama to the businesses who fight every day for a share of the market, that's part of being in business and what makes this country great. Being competitive in business is totally different than being competitive in a hobby you are supposed to be enjoying.

Even the businesses who compete have their levels of what's the right way to compete and we measure other businesses on those standards. Does everyone play on the same level? No but we tend to group and do business with people that tend to conduct business like ourselves, and the others likewise.

The business level of DIESEL Motorsports should not effect the true diesel enthusiasts one way or another.

You should be picking events based on enjoying them, competing, collecting purses, and do they fit your lifestyle and hobby.

We once took a poll of what people on the forums who constantly post come to any events, doesn't matter whose event, and practically 55% of them never attend the diesel events. That's well over half of the people that talk about the events never attend.

That is why you see many different diesel businesses now search for new ways to reach the diesel enthusiast. We have spent large sums of funding on different advertising and marketing avenues to attract diesel enthusiasts with some success.

We are now getting ready this year to launch even newer and different ways to reach the diesel truck owner so we can invite them to attend the events. You have seen our ads in diesel magazines, local radio, local newspapers, Truck Trader publications, cable TV, and now email blasts in order to promote the sport.

Let us businesses compete on our end and let you the diesel competitor compete where you are supposed to - at the track or pull!

On this day of thanks, thank this great country of ours for letting you enjoy your freedom of enjoying the hobby of DIESEL Motorsports!

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