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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Why put on sponsor's decals? DIESEL Motorsports

Why do we ask you to put on sponsor's decals at the events?

Because they are the ones who pay for your purses and the ability to compete.

If DIESEL Motorsports relied on the funds we take in at the gate and competition fees we would go broke after the first event!

It takes large amounts of money to put on a one day DIESEL ONLY event.

So without the sponsor's funding to supplement the events the purses would be nonexistent and the event pretty small. 

What a better way to show appreciation and respect by displaying the sponsor's decals on the trucks, plus we are more likely to show the trucks with decals on them in magazines and promo materials.

DIESEL Motorsports does have in the rules this year that any truck winning without the decals can be eliminated from receiving purses. 

So whether you have the sponsor's products on your truck or not it would represent our sport well by putting the decals on your truck. If you do not want them on the truck for extended time, put them on your windows where they can be removed.

Remember, it's the companies who sell product to our sport who help us fund the events and build the sport. They are everyone from large diesel performance part manufacturers to local diesel shops who want a presence in the diesel community.

So when we have someone ask you to put our sponsor's decals please be nice and say "you bet I will", it will help the sport grow!

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