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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Our DIESEL Family . . . DIESEL Motorsports!

When one has something in common with another you tend to tie a bond with this person. It has happened thousands of times over within our diesel community when it comes to diesel trucks.

This bond becomes a friendship, a kindred spirit, and we all pull together into a diesel lifestyle that involves all of us. The common diesel enthusiasts goes to work everyday, raises their family, uses their truck for work or to get to work, and then uses it as a hobby or entertainment during personal time.

We can all relate to this life scenario all over the United States, and within this lifestyle one soon realizes most people in this close knit family has pretty much the same likes, beliefs, hobbies, etc., as yourself.

Isn't that strange how people all over the US can come together to form a group but in many instances has never met many of the people they converse with daily on Facebook, texting, twitter, forums, and by email.

What draws our people into this lifestyle of DIESEL Motorsports?

I call it the silent majority of Mid-America, the older mixed with the youth who work hard, pay taxes, never complain, toil everyday to work and raise their family . . .  and they own a diesel truck!

But yet it is our individuality that makes our group unique and one can see this by looking at the trucks at events. I have seen owners of $70,000 plus trucks praise the efforts of a young enthusiasts with a $5000 truck and asks what he/she is doing to their truck. I heard 20 year race and pull veterans tell newcomers how they can improve their time or distance by telling them how they have done it for years.

The experienced passing it on to the youth, that sounds like a family to me.

The business end of it comes later in order for it to exist and grow. Generally when money is involved that is where the divisions tend to be drawn in order for those involved to advance or be on top. That is progress and those with bigger pockets tend to take notice as a sport grows and more become involved in the business.

But underneath is still the diesel family that comes to the events and it is in the thousands and growing. We see it every year and we are making strives to increase the numbers every year by searching out the people who match our lifestyle with diesel trucks.

Spreading the word about DIESEL Motorsports is our job and we live it everyday so our family can have a place to finally meet and converse with each other.

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