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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It's not about the money . . . or is it? DIESEL Motorsports!

I hear this quoted online all of the time with our diesel crowd - "it's not about the money"!

But it's the first thing someone asks about - why?

Because it costs to do this sport and don't let anyone tell you it's not about the money.

They say this because if you do this to make money you will go broke quick, the payouts anywhere do not compensate the amount of work and materials that go into a truck to compete.

You either do DIESEL Motorsports for a hobby or for your diesel business.

We try to stay above what most people are paying knowing that the winners might get their expenses paid for coming. We try and pay quite few places back in sled pulling because that is what the pullers told us they wanted done in order to help all that pull.

I will say DIESEL Motorsports has paid checks/cash after every event since we started, I believe we only mailed checks once because everyone was leaving to go somewhere else and they couldn't wait for them. Not too many promoters or associations can say they have done this.

DIESEL Motorsports knows it takes cash to get to an event and to stay there for the weekend. It always helps to go home with a little cash in your pocket.

Unless you get into the big motorsports circuits like NHRA or NASCAR the sport does not usually pay for itself.

Now as a diesel business what is a better way to promote your business and enjoy your favorite sport by competing in a truck with your name on it. Anytime spent on it and the expenses are a write off on your taxes so it works out great doing it this way. However you have the costs of being in business so it all comes out even in the end.

I can tell you we have to fight the winners off at the end of the night while we write the checks, no big deal, we realize people want to get out of there once everything has ended. I would say 95% of the checks are cashed within the next two business days of an event.

You don't have to tell us money is tight now-a-days! That is why we choose to pay at the event in hopes that some do go home with $$$$ in their pockets.

Do we make money at the events? Do the sponsors make money off of the parts? Does the track make money off of us holding the events? Yes on all counts, that is how the businesses stay in business in order to supply you with the parts, hold the events and provide the facilities without going broke.

Make no mistake motorsports is a business whether it's diesel or not, but we are in the same boat as you, it's been tough to get by for a few years!

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