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Friday, May 4, 2012

Upgrading your truck - why the stress?

It's a natural reaction, upgrading your diesel truck can be very stressful! 

Why? Because you are replacing OEM parts with higher end performance parts that makes one wonder how can this truck handle the extra power, weight and stress on the existing OEM parts?

. . .  and oh yea, it makes it stressful on us worrying about it!

What is going to break first, then I have to replace that part with a heavier performance part and then the OEM part connected to it will eventually need to be replaced.

Wow, this could keep going on forever. . . 

Well that is our DIESEL Motorsports business, and most of our enthusiasts call it a hobby and a love for their truck.

Yea it is natural, because Americans has been loving their vehicle and personalizing it since the first Model A/T came out over 100 years ago.

Think about what we are doing? Add higher horsepower performance parts to the engine and what is going to break first - the tranny? 

We add heavier big tires to the truck, what's going to wear out first - the brakes, the suspension, the linkage?

To me that is part of the challenge and what makes it fun to compete is who can make the toughest truck that can hold together during competition or just driving down the road!

Some of the trucks are radical, classy, out-there, off-road, fast, loud, tall, low, flashy, stealth, tough, the bomb, and yes they are DIESEL Motorsports!

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