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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Direct from the Horse's Mouth . . . DIESEL Motorsports!

Every time I go on a trip to different parts of the country and stop in to see diesel shops and manufacturers I am shocked at the stories and fabrications surrounding myself and DIESEL Motorsports!

It seems that hearsay stories are taken for truth after it is passed on to the third person. I can't believe some of the statements I heard this last trip but it's all good! 

Any publicity good or bad is great for DIESEL Motorsports, I just need to set the stories straight when I hear them - lol!

I was told I was keeping a promoter out of a city and is that fair, I wish I had that kind of power! It is because the other promoter does not have insurance and is not a licensed sanctioning body, the facility in question requires both for liability. Didn't have anything to do with myself or DIESEL Motorsports.

You will see more and more of this as the sport becomes more popular and facilities are worried about liabilities and insurance. Face it, a 7000 lb 4 wheel drive truck going down the track at 120 mph, suddenly they see there might be an incident, maybe not, but they are not willing to take the chance.

There are always negative forces out there or competitors who want to tear you down with fabricated stories and what is unbelievable is that people listen to them. 

The forums unfortunately have become a hot bed for the so called wronged to openly bash DIESEL Motorsports, products, sponsors, and everyone else that will raise their numbers so they think they can then sell their site for millions. Where is the integrity of these individuals? Do they even have anything to do with diesels or just work for someone that wants to bash their competition or just some kid/adult at his parent's home with nothing to do.

We challenge anyone that has an issue to contact myself or Gene or Chuck and let us know if you have a problem. We are not that hard to find, web site, Facebook, twitter, some forums and hey there is still the phone! 800 number is listed on the site.

If you think it doesn't sound right, most likely it is not right! Get it direct from the horse's mouth!

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