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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Diesel performance shops keep the sport alive!

The regular diesel performance shop is the original lifeblood of our industry!

Not only do they make the modifications to the trucks but they keep experimenting on their own trucks and bringing them to the events.

More and more people are opening diesel performance businesses along with offering service maintenance for local companies for their diesels.

The people who own these shops help build this sport to what it is today and continue to support all DIESEL Motorsports no matter who it is and what event they are attending.

The countless hours they spend on their own trucks are unpaid and does not earn them money as a business unless you count the occasional purse they receive if they win at an event.

DIESEL Motorsports have had some faithful diesel shops who have been there promoting us and bringing their trucks from five years ago to current. They have grown with the business just as we have and it's lows and highs.

DIESEL Motorsports has always tried to give back to the diesel shops by introducing them to new products, services and customers when we get asked who can work on their trucks. We will soon be introducing a dealer program to highlight shops that have been approved as a service center.

Some of the long faithful shops throughout the five years have been New Era Diesel, Pure Diesel Power, Mass Diesel, Diesel Specialists, S&R Diesel, Custom Auto, and Little Power Shop.

Now there are many, many diesel shops who also support our motorsport and continue to support by sending trucks to the events, passing out event flyers and promoting the events on their web sites.

Every year new diesel shops step up to sponsor our efforts, this year Second Wind Performance, Custom Diesel, Sinister Diesel, Alligator Performance, Rollin Smoke Diesel, Underground Performance and Xtown Performance have helped in promoting the sport.

It's all about the diesel shops building a presence and helping the manufacturers sell and install their performance parts.

DIESEL Motorsports does keep the pit area open for the public to view and talk to the competitors which are the diesel shops. Take some time, come early to an event and spend some time talking to the diesel shops. You will learn a lot!

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