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Thursday, May 10, 2012

What does it cost to compete??? DIESEL Motorsports

Let's see we just announced that at Thunder in Muncie on June 23 you can win $2500 by placing first in 2.6 pulling class. What does that cost to compete?

$10 to get into gate, $35 for registration and that includes automatic membership . . . and that is it!

I just looked at the combo tractor/truck pulling leagues and they cost $400 to $600 to join the league plus another $60-$130 to pull per event depending on the size of the event.

And their payout is  . . . pretty much lower than ours ranging any where from $600 to $1300 for first depending on the event.

So why the big discrepancy? We are still trying to figure that out!

Same way in drag racing . . . $10 to get in, $35 to race and the payout is $1000 for 1st and $500 for second! Other drag racing promoters and shows charge $65-$110 to race if 16 trucks show,  then they payout $350 and mail your check to you 6 weeks later.

We pay immediately after the event, checks for all of the winners to go home with something in their pocket.

So after evaluating in a spreadsheet of who pays what and what they charge to compete, I have come to the conclusion maybe it is NOT about the money since more people tend to pay more to compete and receive less for competing as a rule.

Maybe I'm looking at the wrong statistics or wrong group, but it appears to be the same trucks in most cases.

DIESEL Motorsports realizes the economy is tight on most of us and anything we can do to help we have done so in order to keep the sport growing. Two years ago we dropped the membership fee and lowered the competition fee when diesel hit $4-5 a gallon.

We are in the same boat you are when it comes to traveling to the events, airfare doubled over the past two years and fuel has gone up considerably.

When you decide to what event you are going to in the near future, do some research on what it takes to compete and what is the payback?

You might be surprised!

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