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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

It's the trip experience that makes the events memorable!

When you plan to come to one of the DIESEL Motorsports events take an extra day or two and see some of the interesting sights that surround the event.

See America at it's best, the local towns, historic hotels, local attractions, historic landmarks, museums, amusement parks, restaurants, and talk to the local people.

In other words enjoy the trip and make the most of it, get away from your normal regiment and rushing to one location to another.

Take a breath and slow down, talk to the local diesel guys at the track, cookout with them and look at the trucks. Ask them what else is unique to their area to go see.

On a trip last year to central Ohio a local official took me to their family tractor museum. John Deere tractors from the 1930s to present along with other farm equipment that was unusual. Then he took me on a tour of the local canal that was one of the first man built canals that went up to the Great Lakes and we actually saw a canal that was built over a river (man made waterfall)! We did this 30 mile trip in a diesel Excursion with no brakes laughing at every stop sign, good thing we were in the country.

This last trip to Sedalia Missouri, all of the local strip hotels were booked because of a state-wide wrestling tournament in town so we booked a historic hotel in the downtown area.

Many of our smaller local towns had very historic downtown squares with a courthouse and businesses surrounding the downtown, all but gone now-a-days. This particular hotel was the 18th most haunted hotels in the US and is where President Harry Truman held his selection party after the New York Times declared Dewey the winner (Truman won). It was like stepping back in time to an era long gone along with the square business. Not exactly the best accommodations but the three of us will be laughing and talking about staying there for many years to come. This place still had enclosed phone booths with closing doors in the lobby and brass mail slots on each floor by the elevator.

Trying to navigate our 23 foot Dodge in their 15 spot parking lot that was designed for Model Ts was an experience alone and getting yelled at while we left it blocking the entrance when we unloaded our luggage.

Talking to the locals at dinner inside and finding out what the area is about and listening to stories about the hotel makes a trip memorable.

We have a couple of events coming up that would make great trips to experience a couple of extra side trips. Thunder in Muncie coming up June 23 will bring you through Indianapolis which you have to stop at the Indy 500 Museum which has race cars for that race that goes back to the 1920s. Do you realize a diesel Indy 500 car won back in the 30s? For those staying in Muncie, if you have children the Ball State Observatory is quite well know for star gazers and one of the best in the country if they have never been in one.

The East Coast Nationals  in Numidia Pennsylvania has tons of history surrounding it, Knoebels Amusement Park is just minutes away is one of the oldest parks in the US which boasts the most wooden roller coasters in a park (free admission too, they only charge for rides $1-2 dollars each). This park has been in operation by the same family lumber business since the 1920s. Just a few miles away in Stroudsburg is the oldest Railroad museum and operating railroad that runs daily. Hersey Chocolate is just an hour away with tons of museums surrounding the candy giant, the women and children love it.

Take an extra day and enjoy the surrounding countryside that is close to our DIESEL Motorsports events!

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