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Friday, April 27, 2012

What is ET Bracket racing?

So many times we ask diesel trucks sitting on the side how come they are not racing and they tell us my truck doesn't go fast enough!

Guess what . . . you don't have to in ET Bracket racing!

We have had 18 second trucks win 1st place!

It's based on your reaction time at the start line/lights and your estimated time to run the 1/4 mile track. Do that 4 times in a row with consistent times and you are the winner.

Just don't red light (take off too soon at the start) during one of the runs and keep your run about the same every time. It's lots of fun and you can win big money.

A $35 entry fee and a chance to win $1,000 for 1st and $500 for second, pretty good odds! We had a first time racer in SLC last year compete with 75 trucks and took 1st! Then he entered the Workstock(street class) sled pull and took 1st there! He took home a pretty good amount of money that night!

You will never know unless you try it! Then how good would it feel to go home a winner with money in your pocket and bragging rights.

Stock trucks with a simple tuner can win this class, it all depends on your cool head and reaction time.

Can you break your truck? No more than you taking off at a stop light or racing up a on-ramp on the highway, if you have done that then you can race ET Bracket!

You don't have to push your truck hard to win, in fact pushing it hard most likely will make you lose in this class. It's how well do you know your truck?

We even had a Mercedes win last year in PA, took 2nd in the class and would have won but red lighted on his final run. As long as it is diesel you can compete in ET Bracket.

Catch the bug and compete next time you come to an event, it's really easy!

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