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Monday, April 16, 2012

What is a sled pull workshop???

I have been asked that several times since we announced our involvement with the May 5th event.

It's just that a workshop for those who want to pull the sled during competition. At this workshop we are taking all tractors, pickups, and organizations.

We will have three operating sleds with three different weight settings where you can pull in your class as many times as you want during the day.

A dyno will be available so you can tune your truck before you pull. We will have diesel mechanics there along with safety experts to personally tech your truck.

Performance part retailers will be there to sell you parts in case you have forgotten something.

National manufacturers will be there to tell you about their parts. Some new products will be out this year and this is an opportunity to talk directly with them.

Check out your truck pulling with no competition so you can test it's capabilities.

There will be a small competition pull at the end for diesel trucks with purse money.

Also a good time to check out other organization's schedules so you can pull with them.

If you wanted to try pulling and wanted to check it out without competing this would be a great opportunity.

All proceeds given will be donated to the American Cancer Society!

$10 for admission and $30 to pull as many times as you can lineup!

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