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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Who makes the best tire for DIESELS???

I have lightly covered this before but the question still comes up, who makes the best tire for diesels?

Again it depends on what you are doing with your truck but still who has the best tire?

I notice many new tire companies are producing the Offroad Series or the most aggressive tread pattern, but have you ever spent a long trip on the road with those on your truck? The noise and ride along is enough to wear you out but that's not what they are made for with their aggressive tread.

You want  a highway tire then many manufacturers make a great highway tread tire that is quiet and still handles the heavy load of a diesel without the noise, but those don't look cool!

What gets featured in the magazines is the biggest, heaviest, aggressive tread tire and wheel!

How practical are those tires when driving your truck for your job?

Maybe you just use those tires when playing with your truck, then you have to keep an extra set in your garage for the other tires plus wheels.

I noticed a lot of trucks are now going away from the aggressive tread and deep inset wheels to the large semi looking wheels with highway tires that are large. The Semi look I would call it!

I know several wheel companies who have now made 8 lug wheels look like Semi wheels that fit 3/4 and 1 ton trucks. Then the wheels are fitted with normal highway truck tires that give the appearance of running full size Semi tires on your smaller truck plus these ride smoother on the long trips and hauling.

I see many different companies represented in the tire market, Nitto, Mickey Thompson, Toyo, Falken, Hankook, Cooper, Yokohama, BFGoodrich, Goodyear, and even Michelin.

The problem with the tire companies is they all know we need tires to roll down the road, truck is not much good without tires! And our diesel trucks can only take a certain size with certain load requirements for the tires so it's a pretty small tied up market.

Let me ask this? When is the last time you ever saw a tire company at a diesel event?

I have been doing these events for seven years and not once have I seen a tire company come to or display at one of the diesel events. They might send some tires out with one of their vendors but never have they taken the time to come and experience a diesel event or support the sport.

Why? I think they know we are all going to buy their products anyway so why waste their time and advertising dollars on the diesel market, let's spend it on something important like NASCAR or some Offroad Series running in Mexico! Lots of people get to see those tires going by at 200 mph or out in the middle of the wilds of Mexico.

I guess DIESEL Motorsports has not spent enough time or monies on tires like the rest of the motorsports market to make it worth their time.

I don't know about you but the prices I have seen on the diesel truck tires should make anyone take notice of what our enthusiasts are buying.

What do you think?

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