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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Are HOOD STACKS allowed???? . . . among other rules! DIESEL Motorsports 2012!

We get asked this I bet 10 times a week during the year among other sled pulling and drag racing rules!

The answer is quite simple!

Read the FREE rulebooks that you can view and/or download on our web site. All of the SFI rules and regulations for sled pulling and drag racing regulations are in the book. Not much has changed during the last 5 years other than SFI safety updates.

This last year HOOD STACKS in 2.6 are an exception at National events to the discretion of the pulling director, which is yes at National events they will be allowed unless stated. The reason for this is quite simple, most smaller organizations who use DIESEL Motorsports rules still consider 2.6 trucks street legal for their local trucks. Last time I looked hood stacks are not allowed legally on the streets in most states.

Being a National sanctioning body we have to take into consideration the entire country and it's clubs, fairs, organizations and local events when it comes to rules. That is the beauty and the reason they are used is because they do not favor one shop, organization, group or club. The rules have been penned to allow as many trucks to compete on a equal level with safety rules applying to the competition.

Same way on drag racing as pulling, the rules are written for equality on a National level. This is the only way someone can build a truck and travel to other events to compete and not have to worry are they going to qualify.

I have many events call and ask if they can change our rules to fit their local clubs, I tell them sure if you don't want outside trucks to attend your pull or race. Why would a competitor a state away travel that distance to attend only to wonder if he will be DQed.

Being the only SFI sanctioning body for DIESEL Motorsports we also have to follow what is allowed by the insurance companies who insure motorsports. They all rely on SFI for regulations in order to insure safe events and it's up to our techs to make sure those are followed.

If they are not followed and should an accident would happen then you run the risk of not being insured. That is why we stick to our classes and rules at events when so many always ask why don't we run a open or fun class. It is because they would run uninsured which is not a wise.

So when building your truck for competition or next time you come to an event take a few minutes and read the FREE rules. It's the safe thing to do to compete in the sport!

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