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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What's first for your new diesel truck?

DIESEL Motorsports has surveyed our event attendees before on such questions across the country in the past and will be doing this again this year.

The results are pretty much the same for all diesel owners!

The first is item added to a new truck is Air Intake, it's the easiest to add and gains more HP and MPG when properly installed and serviced. DIESEL Motorsports has endorsed K&N's system as the official Air Intake because of the quality and history of the product in the truck market. K&N is the original and continues to lead the way while others follow when it comes to air intake technology.

The second is programmer/tuner for the diesel truck, this again raises HP and allows for more MPG when used properly. There are many different programmers out in the market place but DIESEL Motorsports has chosen and endorsed the H&S Performance tuners as the official product because of their programming for the trucks and they are the only company who is making them for the newest diesel trucks. On the street level with DPF present they have the highest HP and MPG settings than anyone in the market. In off road non-DPF mode they still have the highest levels of running available for new model trucks.

The third is exhaust for diesel trucks which also has been attributed to more HP and higher MPG(starting to see a pattern). DIESEL Motorsports official exhaust is FLO-Pro Performance exhaust which makes complete systems for the diesel trucks including stacks and up-turned extensions for racing and pulling (required)! Many new trucks have sensors implanted in the systems which has been a problem for many different manufacturers but not for Flo-Pro who has engineers working on making diesel truck systems for our enthusiasts market.

There you have the top three items added to a diesel truck pretty much within 90 days of buying either a new one or a used truck.

They all have one thing in common, more HP and higher MPG! These trucks are used for hauling and pulling trailers, campers and boats, any help is needed is when you are pulling a heavy load.

After the pulling and the work is done with a diesel truck then it can be used for fun and recreation which DIESEL Motorsports provides the venues to do so!


  1. I think I am pretty set on the first two but my exhaust might need a tune up. Do you know of a good commercial diesel fleet service in the Arizona area that I should go to?