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Friday, April 6, 2012

DIESEL ONLY EVENTS - what does that mean?

Many different promoters and groups cannot rent drag strips or facilities because of insurance restrictions and/or costs so they combine their show with other non-related auto events (gasser trucks & cars)!

This is okay since they are still promoting DIESEL Motorsports but realize what the show is before you spend money on the event. READ CAREFULLY the description of the event before deciding to attend.

That is why DIESEL Motorsports clearly outlines DIESEL ONLY when describing our National events!

Yes it is more expensive to rent the facility and put on a DIESEL ONLY event, but as a diesel sanctioning body it is what we are promoting - DIESELS!

The track we rent does not allow any other gasser vehicles run without obtaining our permission, and it has to be pretty special for us to allow it. Why? Because we want to highlight the diesel trucks!

Our sponsors want a diesel crowd to take interest in their diesel products, hard to do that when most of the crowd came to see the gasser vehicles!

We have combined all of our resources to make sure every NATIONAL event profiles DIESEL ONLY TRUCKS so we can build the sport with attention to diesel trucks!

Most families attending our events want to look and view other people's diesel trucks to see what they have done to their trucks to personalize them. We encourage that direction by advertising and targeting diesel fans and enthusiasts.

It dilutes our product and direction if we have to combine the shows with other gasser cars or trucks and cheapens the product we are representing to our sponsors.

A true diesel sanctioning body does just that - promote DIESEL ONLY events!

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