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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Can we keep it DIESEL ONLY events???

What does that mean "DIESEL ONLY"?

So many different events and promoters in order to cut costs combine with other activities at a dragstrip or arena that are not diesel vehicles.

Run with a Mustang club or a Corvette club at the dragstrip, then we won't have to pay for the track by ourselves. Hey even we have done this in order to check out a new area before investing thousands to rent the track. Renting a IHRA or NHRA dragstrip is not a cheap proposition, some where between $8-17,000 for one day is the normal rate plus expenses. Why is a track not prepped? $880 per 50 gallon drum of VHT would answer that question? Oil cleanups on the track $400-900 per spill depending on how bad it is!

Who pays for this? The sponsors, promoter, the fans? Figure how many must come in the gate to cover $15,000 at $15 per person? Was that many people in the stands?

Point being if you promote and run a "DIESEL ONLY" event it is going to cost you some money.

The other question is by being "DIESEL ONLY" is it enough interest to draw the crowds that can pay for the show? Do we need to add other non-diesel activities in order to draw interest and fans into the facility.

My sponsors want "DIESEL ONLY" because that is who buys their products, but they also want people in the stands to make sure they are getting their money's worth of advertising. I have had a couple of sponsors complain that when combined shows are present they have fans ask what their products are for and can they put it on their cars.

Same way with sled pulling? Do we combine the shows with gassers, tractors, 2WD gassers, and even diesel tractors. We have used diesel tractors in rural farm areas because they are diesel, but all the trucks tell us they want to be the show not tractors. We have been told by the truck owners we do not get along with tractors because they always want the money instead of the trucks.

This is a long time argument we hear from many of our affiliate clubs who run both tractor and trucks in their pulling associations. That is why we have helped so many rural pulling associations so the diesel trucks can have purses because the tractors would not give up the funds for truck purses.

This brings us back to "DIESEL ONLY" events!

Can we continue to provide these with so many wanting to cash-in on the entertainment value?

DIESEL ONLY trucks, still has a pure sound to us. We'll see how the fans respond to this year's events.

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