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Friday, June 8, 2012

Where does the DIESEL $$$$ goes . . .

Yea I know that isn't good English but the thought is there in everybody's mind!

It has been the direction of DIESEL Motorsports to put 85% of our yearly income back into the diesel events and competitors. That's right only 15% goes to operating overhead for the business which includes going to trade shows, marketing, etc.

The rest goes back into the DIESEL ONLY events throughout the year. Costs for the tracks, insurance, personnel, advertising and purses comes out of the funds collected from sponsors and shows. We are the only sanctioning body for DIESEL ONLY events that pay the competitors after the event is over.

You won't see us in big fancy wrapped new trucks, or semis that look like Nascar race teams - we give it back to the sport! Investment back into the business has been our focus for the past five years.

It was our mission to invest  in the sport and build it up in the worst economy since the great depression. It has not been easy for us but we have survived and we feel it has paid off with over 25 sponsors and over 60 events for 2012.

DIESEL Motorsports was designed to not only hold SFI safe insured DIESEL ONLY events but offer a marketing service for manufacturers to help promote diesel motor sports.

When I first went to SEMA and asked for demographics and data on the diesel marketplace they had none what-so-ever! Since then DIESEL Motorsports has done their own surveys and collected our own data for publishing plus partnering with SEMA to collect information.

We are now in the process of launching a new SEMA driven program for diesel manufacturers to be represented in the new SEMA "Aces & Pie" database for dealers.

This year you will see some of the largest purses offered in DIESEL Motorsports DIESEL ONLY events in the country starting off with a $2500 1st place purse for 2.6 sled pulling at Thunder in Muncie June 23!

The highest guessed horsepower on the dyno at Thunder in Muncie will receive a $1200 H&S Performance Tuner. Little Power Shop added another $1000 to our 2.6 purse for Thunder in Muncie. Even our sponsors are giving back to the sport!

DIESEL Motorsports operates on a very controlled budget for our DIESEL ONLY events because we have done so many of these we know exactly how much they are going to cost and where we can get the most out of our funds for local resources.

You will always find us advertising the events on local radio, newspapers, and diesel magazines. This year you will see us in a semis trailer, sorry not wrapped this year maybe next year but you will see us in the crowd with a big trailer and 20 foot tent!

DIESEL Motorsports thinks it is important we continue to build the sport for future growth, when we see 10,000 fans in the stands at all of the events then we will think it has made it.

Still building and giving back to the sport - what are you doing?

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