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Thursday, November 17, 2011


It has become a huge problem in our industry more and more as the popularity grows with diesel engine components. Components such as turbos, injectors, injection pumps, and even dampers are being duplicated over seas and imported with FAKE SFI stickers and claims.

Beware if your purchase is too good to be true, top name with top product claims at a unbelievable price!

The Internet is our worst enemy when it can be placed in front of you from anywhere in the World. Look for Internet Diesel companies that have a US address and is advertised as legitimate businesses.

These replica parts can do extensive damage to your truck, engine and sometimes people around the vehicle. They are inferior parts that can fly apart throwing small projectiles through metal like it's slicing through butter. Made from inferior metal components in foreign countries, repackaged using similar names and packaging, they can be deceiving.

But make no mistake, they are fake parts with inferior performance and quality.

We have had many manufacturers receive calls from angry enthusiasts complaining about broken parts only to find out it is not theirs but a replica from over seas.

This is all legal under current trade agreements but it is a huge detriment to our trade and industry. I'll be covering some of the fall outs of using this equipment during the next few days.

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