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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Diesels at SEMA - World's largest Auto Accessory Show!

Well yesterday I was a little hard on the boys at SEMA for letting the fox into the hen house regarding us diesel enthusiasts, however they still put on the largest show in the country for automotive aftermarket.

Every company who sell other diesel performance parts such as engine, fuel and intake are represented there to display what is new. SEMA is not for the public but designed for the dealers and distributors of automotive aftermarket parts.

And make no mistake this is where they come to do it once a year for over 30 years.

Why did they decide to play with the EPA, most likely they did not have a choice since they also represent the big 3 automakers and they are part of the show. The big 3 automakers work very closely with the EPA in order to maintain vehicle emissions.

Still my point is valid how can you be innovative when so many rules holds the intelligence of very bright diesel engineers and mechanics who are breaking boundaries?

It all comes back to what DIESEL Motorsports have had as a policy for years - clean diesels on the street and competitors with experimental diesels come to the track!

Offroad competition! They cannot say much when you bring your trucks to a licensed and insured track to compete. That is considered offroad and exhibition.

With that being said for trucks older than 2007, it doesn't mean you can still go on the road and smoke the other vehicles - what that means is you should take the same concerns for the environment and come to the track.

Looking forward to seeing and visiting with all of the trades people I have had relationship with for over 25 years.

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