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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Oh the Times They are A Changing - DIESEL Motorsports . . .

Nice old line from an old song that resonates even in today's diesel market place. As new diesels reach the market and the political battles rage between the industrialists and the tree huggers, diesel is still growing because of the utility use of the drive train.

Face it, what pulls a trailer or RV better than a diesel, nothing, exactly! What transports our goods from one side of the country to the other - diesel! What transports our products across the rails - diesel! What now is a re-emergence of river tugs and barges up the rivers - diesels!

Europe has gone almost completely diesel, why are the States behind the World trend domestically?

The big three automakers have been behind in technology but they are scrambling to catch up in the past two years. Ram has introduced some pretty impressive domestic truck models along with work fleet trucks and both Ford and GMC has been adding new features to their diesels lines.

Now that the diesel truck is advancing in technology what are they doing for the domestic car market?

Only thing that has been announced the the new little Chevy diesel to be released in 2013 (high mileage economy vehicle). It will be the first real domestic diesel vehicle released in America for over 80 years (not including failed attempt of gas engine conversion in the 70/80s).

Can they move any slower? Are we going to have to look to Europe models like the VWs, Audis and Mercedes for diesel cars? Come on guys the technology is there, even approved by the stingy EPA!

But the truck is still the work load of the diesels, pulling and hauling every day of the week in every town, city and state no matter what the occupation.

And yes, the aftermarket is researching what can be added to make the diesels run better, add more performance and get the extra miles per gallon the owner is looking for in their truck (of course while remaining within legal guidelines)!

It is getting harder and harder to find used diesel trucks every where you look and when you do find them, they are priced pretty darn high! Price what the market will bear is the free market in the US and it shows when looking for used diesel trucks.

If you drive a truck for work or haul a trailer or RV, then you better hop on now before they get real hard to find!

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