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Saturday, October 29, 2011

I love to support SEMA but it is getting harder when . . .

. . . DIESEL Motorsports don't feel the love! The recently released warning from SEMA Council makes you believe they are on a witch hunt that will never go away.

October 18, 2011
Dear SEMA Member:

We have recently learned that CARB and EPA are planning significant enforcement action against companies that make, distribute or install tuning products for late-model (2007 MY and newer) diesel trucks that are equipped with diesel particulate filters (DPF) if such tuning products offer any of the following features:  (1) the ability to re-tune/re-program the truck to operate while the DPF is removed; (2) the ability to turn off urea (exhaust fluid) injection; and/or (3) the ability to defeat, disable or turn off any other required emissions control system on a late-model diesel truck.  Products with these features cannot be legally sold for on-highway usage.  If you make, sell or install products with these features and they are sold strictly for legal racing use you must be able to make assurances to these regulatory agencies that these products are NOT being used on the street on registered vehicles.  If you cannot make those assurances we encourage you to carefully consider your business practices so as to avoid possible penalties.

SEMA is very interested in protecting you and your future and we hope you’ll find this information valuable.  If you have any questions please contact Jim McFarland, Consultant for SEMA, regarding compliance with these regulatory agencies.

John Russell Deane, III
SEMA General Counsel

You know they tried this four years ago when I requested a Diesel Council at SEMA for all of the industry people to gather and discuss. I was quickly turned away. Soon after all of the companies who sell and manufacture diesel products dropped their displays at SEMA and never came back.

Now they are taking a $500 Million dollar a year industry and helping to scare them away and down by threatening us with the government agencies - a witch hunt!

Most of us already know the CARB/EPA regulations and work with it or around it legally. You don't need to threaten us not to come and display, if you did your research you would know 90% of our competitors trucks are pre-2006 anyway! 

Is it really necessary to bring the government into a private trade show?

Maybe the other industry trade shows such as PRI and IMMS will learn from this mistake and embrace our diesel crowd and industry? 

I have attended SEMA shows since 1986, yes I'm showing my age but this show was built on manufacturers who build automotive aftermarket products. Those products built the performance industry to what it is today, names such as Edelbrock, Flowmaster, Mr Gasket, Holley, and others were the standard. Their products broke new ground and many of their products are now OEM equipment. 

How can the automotive aftermarket grow when it is held back by government regulations and threatened by the very association who we help build?

Just asking? 

Some of the diesel industry's new products and break through technology will help the big 3 develop diesels with more power, more torque, high MPG along with cleaner emissions if they let the experts develop them. Don't hold them back!

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