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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Texas - is Truck Country. Period. DIESEL Motorsports . . .

DIESEL Motorsports® is holding it's Texas Diesel Roundup in little over a week for the third year, and yes there is a lot of country down there, and yes there is a lot of trucks down there!

Experian Motor Division reports Texas leads the country in a lot of statistics when it comes to trucks:

* More than one in four vehicles (26.91 percent) in Texas are pickup trucks

• Texas has the highest proportion of rear-wheel drive vehicles (36.86 percent)

• Texas has the highest proportion of 8-, 10- and 12-cylinder vehicles (29.37 percent)

• also Pickup trucks accounted for 20.57 percent of all vehicles in operation in Texas

. . . so basically I am saying Texas is truck country!

That is why we are so excited about coming back to Texas for the event where we will be featuring diesel pickup sled pulling, drag racing, dyno, show-n-shine and a vendor alley. Every thing in Texas is bigger and you need a lot of truck to get there, that's why diesels are a hot commodity in the state.

The type of trucks and people we meet in Texas are generally nice people who love their trucks, their families and their sport! They are very passionate about their trucks and they standup to a good challenge any day of the week.

With trucks sales up 8.5% Nationwide this year over last year, the truck market is still growing in states like Texas. Diesel trucks are for the serious worker in construction, hauling, farming, automotive and recreational lifestyles.

If you want to see a lot of trucks in one location come to our event in Texas, they are friendly and will tell you all about their trucks!

For more information on the event go to: www.DIESELmotorsports.US

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