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Monday, October 17, 2011


Yes, I have been sent this on more than one occasion, a recent message sent just last week by a diesel competitor! I'm sure motivated by a few drinks and keyboard courage had a lot to do with it.

This niche automotive market did start in the country and backwoods but has developed into large business with millions of dollars being made by major corporations and manufacturers. When that happens progress is apparent and it becomes a transition of taking a local sport or hobby and turning it into business. 

When it turns into business then business professionals get involved and start to run the sport so bigger companies and manufacturers can feel assured their involvement is protected and void of the big three letters "LLL"!

The big three concerns:

Legal - is the sport legal, licensed, insured and follow automotive safety guidelines! They do not want to have to defend what is illegal or considered politically correct in society.

Liability - are they protected if there are accidents, concerns, etc.? They need to keep their image clean of controversy and claims. 

Lawyers - they DO NOT want them involved and use them when they only have too!

As a business if we can assure them that the sport is clear of the three "LLL"s then they are interested in being involved. When the correct business structure is setup and presented in use some of the old standards and businesses who started the sport cannot continue to operate as in the past.

Some of the old standards of the sport get upset that someone or some business is trying to change how the sport is operated  and conducted. Yes, some of the old camaraderie is gone along with partying into the night, but it is replaced by professional competitive activities that is there for everyone without infringing on other's rights or property.

It's called PROGRESS . . .

NASCAR started the same way in it's birth in the back roads of the South and over the years was replaced by big business into what it is today. Is DIESEL Motorsports on the same path?

Don't know! But it's the right way to progress and I'm sure it is not popular with a lot of people who liked it the old way. We started DIESEL Motorsports just over 5 years ago with just 6 sponsors and that has grown to about 20 current sponsors, that is progress!

We held a small but very successful event this past weekend in Texas with no problems, lots of diesel enthusiasts and competitors and had a great time doing it. Some of the old along with the new group was there and they competed plus hung together for almost three hours after the event was over - great times along with progress!

BACK OFF? - We are just getting started, I don't think so!

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