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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

NEW RAM Trucks - not Dodge anymore!

At the Texas Event this last weekend I had a chance to drive and experience one of the new diesel pickups from RAM (no longer Dodge)! Yes they are branding the new trucks as RAM trucks- built RAM tough!

This ain't your old dodge truck with a plain interior! I drove the new 3500 Longhorn Edition - oh MY! What a beauty, hand tooled leather seats, etched metal on the dash trim with all of the electronic gadgets that a car/truck can carry!

These trucks drive like a smooth Cadillac  and yet have the power to pull whatever you need. The engine noise was almost non-existent from the inside and the seats were comfortable with soft thick country leather (heated and air conditioned!).

Ram has now joined the elite in comfort and utility with these new trucks, it's like sitting in your living room in your comfy chair watching tv as you drive down the road. But don't be fooled underneath is still the Cummins power plant that can muster any strength you need to pull a trailer or equipment.

We used it briefly to pull a water trailer on the grounds (full of 500 gallons of water) with little of no effort it pulled it over to where we needed it.

Our local Ram sponsor Classic Chrysler/RAM in Denton Texas supplied us with about six of these beauties for the crowd to look at during the show. I highly suggest you take a look at these new RAMs before you purchase your next vehicle . . . it ain't grandpa's truck no more - whew . . . what a ride!

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