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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Meeting Friends with the same likes-DIESEL Motorsports!

The big draw at a diesel event is the customized diesel trucks but what many find is the friends you will meet! Friends that have or live the same lifestyle that you do!

I have found many friends and good people at diesel events, many with the same likes and hobbies as myself. Then again, there is a lot of working people who look for the same kind of people they can socialize with that enjoy the same hobby or past time.

DIESEL Motorsports is one of those hobbies that tie these people together from all walks of life from all over the country. Throw in that communicating is so much easier today with the new social medias such as Facebook, texting, Twitter and the Internet, and you can communicate daily with the people you met last weekend. It doesn't matter they live three states away, you'll see them again at the next event or in a couple of months!

Many talk of the same jobs or related jobs since they use their diesel trucks in that kind of work be it farming, construction, trucking or automotive garages.

Their other hobbies are generally the same such as hunting, fishing, offroading, boating and camping. It is a rural lifestyle that is most likely not politically correct in many social circles.

So what draws these type of people together - DIESEL Motorsports! It's a lifestyle that is not duplicated any where else.

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