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Monday, October 3, 2011

LOOKING for the right Manufacturers . . . DIESEL Motorsports!

Just one more event in a couple of weeks and I'm already working on next year's programs! I have already sent out next year's contracts for manufacturers to see who wants to market to our diesel enthusiasts. The cycle starts all over again for us and quite frankly I enjoy this portion of the year more than anything.

I'm back in my element, automotive marketers and leaders who are looking for new ways to sell their products to potential buyers. In our case, diesel enthusiasts who are looking for new products and getting familiar with existing products. These manufacturers are the sponsors who spend money with us in order for DIESEL Motorsports® to put on events that attract diesel enthusiasts..

The one item most manufacturers forget, behind every performance diesel is IT'S STILL A PICKUP! Our enthusiasts still need accessories and parts for pickups, everything from floor mats to tonneau covers. Also any hard part for a diesel truck, water pump, starter, alternator, etc., our guys still need the parts to keep their used rebuilt trucks going.

Over 80% of our diesel market is used trucks, that is a lot of trucks that need more hard parts and performance upgrades to keep them running for a long time. More and more young people are getting into the cheaper used diesels and fixing them up to compete while the older crowd is buying newer trucks for the comfort and ease of a new pickup.

Who is the right manufacturer?

The manufacturer who wants to be in our programs of promoting not only our sport but also DIESEL Motorsports®. Provide us with the correct materials to promote their product(s) at our events, decals, banners, product display, promotion materials and give-aways so we can properly promote their products to the crowds during the events.

Help promote DIESEL Motorsports® through their web site, product inserts, decal insert, and advertising our events on their diesel related advertising. Be a part of the direction we are trying to take this movement, family oriented diesel events where performance minded enthusiasts can compete legally instead of on the streets. It will only help it grow and sell more of their parts, products and services.

It becomes a synergy between diesel products, the shows and the enthusiasts, one that is positive and professional. Almost a county fair atmosphere is prevalent at the events along with enthusiasts inspecting everyone else's trucks, and a vendor alley where one can find new items for their trucks.

If a manufacturer cannot find a local store or provide personnel to attend the shows make sure to provide us with a display of products. Our enthusiasts want to see the latest in technology at the events and find out what is becoming available.

Just this last year Covercraft joined our sponsors promoting their SeatSavers truck seat covers. They attended a couple of shows so the attendees could talk with a factory trained person about their products and left us with a small display of the product with plenty of pass-out materials that supported their products. Many of our truck owners use seat covers and they found that Covercraft was available at many of their local shops and stores. The ladies really liked the pink camo seat covers!

A perfect example of a truck accessory manufacturer who found the diesel market was not just performance but pickup trucks.

Just a couple of weeks ago I attended the first of the industry's trade show and found many of the companies now wanting to produce performance parts for the diesel industry because they have heard it is growing. What a good feeling to have when you are approached and asked about the up and coming DIESEL Motorsports® trend in automotive sports.

LOOKING FOR THE RIGHT MANUFACTURERS? If you fit the description give me a call before SEMA, PRI and IMS since we will be at all of them.

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