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Friday, October 21, 2011

What's new in equipment for 2012 Diesel Motorsports?

I'm getting ready to head to SEMA/AAPEX show next week and there is always new products announced and released at the show. Not always diesel since the shows have never been diesel friendly but some crossover parts that are acceptable will be launched there.

I saw some new products in advance at the PWA show just last month and diesel specific that should make a huge difference this year for the diesel enthusiasts.

Many of the true diesel performance parts don't display at SEMA because of their relationship with the EPA/CARB. Can't say I blame them for not wanting that kind of exposure but by attending you do see a lot of new truck parts and accessories along with building awareness for the sport.

I see a resurgence of new electronic programmers since the electronics can do so much more these days. Not just programmers but multi-function dashboards that can offer so much more in providing important information from your truck's computer chip.

Finally diesel is getting noticed by the wheel and tire manufacturers, we'll see some new options coming very soon for the 8-Lug wheel and tire. This is most needed since it is hard to find performance options for our trucks.

Fuel system options along with newer and hotter injectors will soon be hitting the marketplace, the more power our guys are wanting and the demand for higher end systems will be made available after the first of the year!

Stronger engine components will continue to be released by popular manufacturers who are now building specialized diesel components for strength and performance. Everything from cams to pistons to rods!

I will have a full report when I return from SEMA what is new and coming up this next year for DIESEL Motorsports.

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